DOGE co-founder Criticizes Binance Chain, Claiming “every token on that chain is garbage.”

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Key Takeaways:

  • Billy Markus, the co-founder of meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE), has expanded his scrutiny of many digital currency initiatives, the latest of which is Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • Shibetoshi also noticed that accounts promoting BSC Gem are either scam bots or run by people he described as “scumbags or idiots.”
  • Such a harsh assessment of BSC-based projects is most likely due to the number of scams and exploits that have occurred on BSC since the rise of the DeFi industry.

Billy Markus, also known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto on crypto Twitter, is one of the protagonists best known for his role in the creation of Dogecoin. DOGE is one of the most popular meme coins on the market right now. Billy is one of DOGE’s co-founders.

The creator of one of the most popular meme currencies in the industry launched an offensive comment on the BSC community, referring to all tokens on the network as “garbage” and sparking a Twitter debate. The multitude of fraudulent activities and misuses that have transpired on BSC ever since the rise of the DeFi industry is most probably the cause for such a bitter review of BSC-based projects.

Markus also stated that “bscgem” does not exist and that projects with some scope and fundamental value will not work with a BSC riddled with scams, exploits, and other issues.

Investors have sometimes rushed to put money into specific projects launched on BSC. Before investing in these projects, whether they are crypto tokens or NFTs, investors assess their profitability. These potentially lucrative projects are known as “bscgems.”

Later, the Dogecoin co-founder said that he couldn’t think of any exceptions to the rule because a project or platform’s involvement in the chain is usually a huge red flag, and it’s “nearly 100 percent garbage” if it has anything to do with BSC.

Anyone who talks about BSc gems, in his opinion, is a “scam bot, a scumbag, or an idiot.”

Doge Co-Founder Criticizes Binance Chain, Claiming &Quot;Every Token On That Chain Is Garbage.&Quot;

Shibetoshi shifted his focus to NFTs in another tweet.

He asked and answered a series of questions about the inherent value of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. NFTs and cryptos, he believes, have no intrinsic value. The next person’s willingness to pay for a piece of the digital asset at any given time determines their price. He refrained from labeling them ponzis, rather than blaming their arbitrary values on how markets operate.

Billy’s tweets drew a huge amount of attention from netizens, and the discussion was as heated as usual. Many people backed BSC, claiming BSCgem and a variety of BSC tokens are not worth the harsh comments.

@TajoCrypto claims There is a BSCgem, and many of the tokens on BSC are incredible and accounts that mention bscgem are not sc*am bots. This user urged Shibetoshi to stop making unfounded accusations.

@RealFlokiInu, on the other hand, claims Shibetoshi’s perspective is myopic. Floki brags about their 350k BSC holders and asserts that it’s ridiculous to call every token on the BNBChain garbage.

Many users became enraged, questioning why Shibetoshi is repeatedly passing judgment on other coins when he has done nothing to develop Dogecoin or find new partners. @artemirozdogan taunts, Dogecoin would still be at 0.0090 if it weren’t for Elon Musk.

When the dialogue became too heated, Nakamoto lost his cool and tweeted, “I haven’t worked on Doge in 7.5 years, you fucking moron.”

It’s almost as if something is in the air these days, so it’s no surprise that big names in the crypto industry are making headlines for their sarcastic remarks about other famous figures.

The latest mockery when Dogecoin’s co-founder referred to Elon Musk as a “Grifter” was enough to convince the community that these prominent figures in the crypto sphere will never miss an opportunity to show off their sardonic side.

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