Coca-Cola Launches NFT Series in Collaboration with VeVe Valued $1 Million

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Key takeaways:

  • From today, Coca-Cola NFTs will be offered on the VeVe platform.
  • It’s done to pay honour to previous Christmases at the company.
  • Throughout the world, Coca-Cola NFTs will be available for purchase.
Coca-Cola Launches Nft Series
Coca-Cola Launches NFT Series

The collection comes on the heels of recent additions to the sponsored metaverse, such as Budweiser beer can NFTs and a mic-drop set from rival beverage company Pepsi.

The 34,550 individual snow globe NFTs, which depict Coke bottles, a neon sign, or a polar bear, will be sold for $29 each. The reduction, however, will be blind, meaning that buyers will have no idea what NFT they are purchasing.

In August 2021, the company joined the NFT club after selling its first NFT items for charity in an online auction for $575,883 (£425,796).

The Friendship Box, a multi-sensory NFT four-piece collection (plus additional physical items such as a Coca-Cola branded refrigerator) was auctioned as a single lot on the OpenSea marketplace over 72 hours and was described as “reimagining a vintage Coca-Cola cooler with dynamic motion and illumination enhancements.”

The snow globes’ rarity is shown below, with blind box prices starting at 29.00 gems / USD. Common:

  • 13,888 copies of the Polar Bear.
  • Unusual: 10,888 copies from 4 bottles of Coca-Cola.
  • Only 7,888 copies of the Coca-Cola neon sign exist.

Finally, 1886 copies of the Secret Rare: Coca-Cola bottle.

Coca-Cola Launches Nft Series
Coca-Cola Launches NFT Series

All of these NFT Coca-Colas will be available for purchase worldwide, as is customary. Purchasing drops has become increasingly difficult since the recent introduction of bots and scripts. It allows customers to buy NFT directly from the website. As a result, purchasing became incredibly difficult for the general public.

Coca-Cola has a long history of being associated with Christmas, and with the introduction of Coca-Cola NFTs, the company is once again making Christmas history.

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Chetna Prakash
Chetna Prakash

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