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Cleo Finance is a financial technology provider that took complex and fragmented financial tools, simplified them dramatically, and made them available in one powerful trading platform to all individual traders. This Review will let you know everything about this platform. Read on to know more!

What is allows crypto traders to automate their trading process instantly with no code via simple typing along with the most innovative trading tools in the market. This is among the best crypto trading platforms that offers fully flexible, fast, and data-rich trading tools where users can backtest, analyze, execute, and automate their trading ideas with full customization. Review - A Powerful Trading Tool Review: Features has 5 main features which are built to meet the need of crypto traders in a way of research, execute, and analyze.

  • Smart Trade

Smart Trade tool allows you to create your own custom trading conditions through simple typing over 55+ technical indicators. And each condition can be further customized on its own. As a simple example:

  • Buy when Price is crossing down BB_LOWER (20,2)
    • Close when Price is crossing up BB_UPPER (20,2)

With the Smart Trade you can automate your trading setup to be triggered only for once or you can simply switch it on the Loop mode to be automated perpetually as a trading bot. 

  • Asset Management

The Asset Management tool lets you manage your trading risk efficiently with its advanced risk management options. You can:

  • Set position size can be set in quote or base currency, or you can set the margin size in USDT or as a % of available balance and you can use dynamic slider to set your position and leverage.
    • Set up to 4 stop losses and 4 take profits and you can define them in many angles.
    • You can view and define your protections in market price, % of price, % of balance, and Gross PnL. You can set any of them as targets and give weight to each of those protections.
    • All target and protection levels are automatically synced into the integrated TradingView chart. You can easily see how your trade fits into the current market structure and all levels can be adjusted directly in the chart.
  • Automated Loop

The Automated Loop allows you to automate your trading strategies and view the detailed statistics about your custom automated trading strategies so that you can constantly monitor your trading bot’s performance and configure it. The Automated Loop feature allows you to:

  • Detailed statistics – in-depth look into your strategy performance
    • Duplicate your favorite conditions, add/delete conditions, improve parameters, and more.
    • 55+ technical indicators, price actions, candlestick patterns
  • Backtesting Review - A Powerful Trading Tool

Backtesting feature is in the Automated Loop. You can create your trading strategies via using Automated Loop and backtest them instantly. The backtesting feature on

  • 7 trading timeframes: from 1-minute to 1-day
    • Transaction costs and funding fees included for more realistic testing results
    • Comprehensive statistics – Total gross profit, average win and loss, profit factor, max PnL, max drawdown, trade expectancy, and more.
  • Position Replay Review - A Powerful Trading Tool

The Position Replay is a unique analysis tool that allows you to replay your every position of your automated trading strategies and your backtested strategies in detail and lets you improve your trading strategy constantly by providing valuable information. With the Position Replay:

  • Gathering valuable insights by replaying your positions’ progress candle by candle.
    • Watch the risk to reward ratio evolve during the trade
    • View which conditions are fulfilled and how
    • Examine your every entry and exit in context and analyze the market behavior
    • Preview all the detailed data about your positions
    • Breakdown your transaction costs

All of these 5 features act as puzzle pieces that are designed to remove the complexity from trading and make consistent long-term profitability more attainable to crypto traders. Review: Pricing has 3 pricing plans in place: Free, Trader, and Trader Pro. Once you sign up, you have a 7-day trial.

  • FREE Plan:

Free Plan is only for users who connect their OKX account to Users with an OKX account are also able to participate in Cashback Program where they can earn up to $6000 by just trading through

  • Trader Plan:

49 EUR per month – Users who connect their Binance Futures account to It is 39 EUR per month if you purchase a yearly plan.

  • Trader Pro Plan

149 EUR per month – Users who connect their Binance Futures account to It is 129 EUR per month if you purchase a yearly plan.

Is safe?

Yes, is a trading platform – you don’t deposit any money into it. It doesn’t have access to users’ funds on their exchanges for anything else but trading. The connection to exchanges is via API key and does not accept API keys with withdrawal rights, only trading rights.

The API connection can also be revoked at any time – either from cleo or from the exchange directly. Review: Pros and Cons

Ease of use and user-friendly interfaceLimited list of supported exchanges
Excellent back testing – including the costs and feesNo Mobile app
Competitive pricingNo demo trading
Customizable parameters and timeframesNo social trading
Detailed analysis tools via position replay and comprehensive statisticsNo social trading
Extensive range of tools that lets you research, execute, and analyze
Integrated Trading view chart
Ever-expanding data Pros and Cons Review: Conclusion is the best platform for automated trading around, hands down!

Connecting the exchange is well documented with gifs and guides, all the take profits and stop losses are nice. Also, you can make billions of conditions, backtest them and see if it actually works. Further, when trading, all the open positions are in less than a second, so no delay even on 1-minute strategies. Besides, the team is very responsive.

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Gunjan Rawat
Gunjan Rawat

Gunjan is a freelance writer and actively focusing on writing content related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. She believes that bitcoin might be the ultimate answer to all of our financial hinderances.

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