Bybit to Sponsor the National Football Teams of Argentina

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Key takeaways:

  • Bybit is the new global main sponsor for Argentina’s national football teams. This trademark will be prominently displayed on all AFA items and the training uniforms of all National Teams.
  • This partnership will benefit both the AFA and Bybit brands.
  • The community was happy to support the Argentine soccer squad through this long-term collaboration with the Argentine Football Association, according to Ben Zhou, CEO of the Bybit.

Bybit, one of the world’s quickest cryptocurrency exchanges, has become the new worldwide principal sponsor of Argentina’s national football teams, including Lionel Messi’s men’s international football squad. Bybit’s brand will have maximum exposure in all Argentine Football Associations (AFA) assets. Thanks to this two-year arrangement, its emblem will be visible in the training clothing of all national football teams. Bybit, which was launched in 2018 and now has operations worldwide, is focusing on the Latin American market as part of its worldwide expansion strategy for the future years. Aside from that, the collaboration will provide enormous benefits to the National Team.

Bybit To Sponsor The National Football Teams Of Argentina
Bybit to Sponsor the National Football Teams of Argentina

Accordingly, Claudio Tapia, the President of AFA, said, 

We are delighted with the announcement of this important commercial agreement. Finally, we added a brand to the National Teams clothing, which is something significant, both for the company and AFA. It is vital to add brands with a global presence, which accompany the National Team projects that we have been developing integrally for four years, not only with the Senior National Team.”

For the commercial significance of the agreement, Leandro Petersen, Commercial and Marketing Manager of AFA, stated,

“Adding a brand in the clothing of our teams is very important. In these years, we have carried out a commercial and brand growth strategy worldwide, opening strategic markets where AFA does not have a presence, generating various business units to strengthen AFA’s revenues, and launching new digital products for fans around the world. We have added many business partners in this way — leading brands that today form part of the AFA sponsorship platform. Bybit is a global brand that bets on technology and seeks to continue growing worldwide in the same way we are doing in our association. It will undoubtedly be a sponsorship that will enhance both brands and generate new growth opportunities globally.”

Furthermore, Ben Zhou, CEO of Bybit, remarked that the company is delighted to help the Argentine soccer squad as part of this long-term cooperation with the Argentine Football Association. He goes on to say that Argentina’s national football team isn’t the only one with complementing colors for black and Bybit Yellow, but that it also represents unwavering enthusiasm and limitless innovation. According to him, these are attributes that Bybit, as a crypto corporation, wants to promote and celebrate.

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