Buy Sappy Seals NFT: The path to 1 ETH

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Here is a cute, quirky, meme-able NFT collection to add to your portfolio. Look no further than Sappy Seals. Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 charming seal NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Read on to know more about the pixel-perfect artworks Sappy seals NFTs and why we have a strong buy call on the project.

Sappy Seals

Our Buy Call and why we are Bullish

We gave our Buy call on April 23 at a price of 0.55 ETH for holding mid-term to long term as we are super bullish on the project.

Currently, the price is 0.64 ETH with a peak of 0.65 ETH. We believe the project can reach 1ETH easily as the volumes are flowing back into NFTs. 4 listed to break a call of 0.65 ETH.

We are super bullish, because of following factors:

  • Insanely Supportive community
  • Only around 180 are listed from a total collection of 9999.
  • 70% NFTs are stacking for more than a year.
  • Strong team with a vision.

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How Sappy Seals Was Born

Sappy Seals was created by Wabdoteth, a digital artist and NFT enthusiast who wanted to make his own mark in the NFT space.

  • He was inspired by the success of other pixel art projects, such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, and decided to create his unique collection of cute and quirky characters.
  • He chose seals as his theme because he loved their expressions and personalities and thought they would make perfect meme material.
  • He designed and coded the Sappy Seals smart contract himself, using a combination of Python and Solidity. He also created the pixel art for each seal, using a palette of 24 colors and a 24×24 grid.
  • He added various traits and accessories to make each seal unique, such as hats, glasses, tattoos, horns, etc. He also included rare and unique seals, such as zombies, aliens, robots, and VR.

The Sappy Seals collection was minted on August 30th, 2021, for 0.03 ETH per seal. The minting process was smooth and fast, thanks to Wabdoteth’s optimization of the Smart contract. As a result, the collection sold out in less than an hour, generating over 300 ETH in revenue.

What Makes Sappy Seals Special

Sappy Seals is more than just a collection of cute NFTs. It is also a vibrant and active community of seal lovers who share their passion for the project on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and OpenSea. The community is constantly creating memes, fan art, videos, and other content featuring their seals, making them one of the most recognizable and popular NFT families in the space.

Sappy Seals also has a strong team led by Wabdoteth and supported by PixlLabs, a creative agency that helps with marketing, branding, and partnerships.

The team is constantly improving the project and adding value to the holders. Some of their achievements include:

  • Launching a website with a roadmap, FAQ, and merchandise store.
  • Creating a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) allows holders to vote on important decisions and proposals.
  • Partnering with other NFT projects such as BearX, Winter Bears, Axolittles, Chubbicorns, WeAre24Px, and Caked Apes to form the Pixelverse Alliance, a collaborative network of pixel art NFTs that aims to create cross-project benefits and events.
  • Collaborating with Meme Machine AI, a platform that allows users to generate custom memes using their NFTs.
  • Developing a game called Sappy Seals: Arctic Adventure will be a Metaverse experience where holders can explore, socialize and play with their seals.

Future of Sappy Seals

Sappy Seals has a bright future as it continues to grow its community and expand its metaverse. The team has many plans for the future, such as:

  • Releasing more merchandise such as plushies, stickers, and clothing.
  • Launching more collaborations and partnerships with other NFT projects and brands.
  • Developing more features and updates for the game.
  • Creating more content and events for the holders.
  • Introducing more utility and benefits for the seals.

Sappy Seals is one of the most promising NFT collections today. It has a loyal and engaged fan base, a talented and dedicated team, and a vision to create a fun and immersive metaverse for its holders. It is also one of the most unique NFTs out there, making it a great entertainment and joy for anyone who owns or appreciates it.

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