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Bitcoin News: 31st October 2021

  • BTG Pactual Launches Crypto Trading App Mynt
  • Elemon Opens Whitelist to Public and Golden Ticket Prize
  • Finally, A Better Way To Monetize Your Popularity On Blockchain
  • Musk-named meme token ‘Dogelon Mars’ gains nearly 4000% in October
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Top 5 Crypto to Buy in November 2021

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BTG Pactual Launches Crypto Trading App Mynt

BTG Pactual, a Brazilian investment bank, has begun rolling out a cryptocurrency trading software. Customers of the bank will be able to make direct crypto-based investments through the app, which will include various Altcoins.

Users of the bank’s Mynt platform can currently only purchase BTC and Ether. However, BTG Pactual is expecting that the new software will be able to support many more crypto assets in the future.

Andre Porthilo, the bank’s head of virtual assets, also says that there are high expectations for the platform to allow more crypto trading shortly.

Meanwhile, the investment bank’s CEO, Robert Sallout, has stated that the app’s deployment is in line with consumer needs. He revealed that many of their consumers have expressed an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. As a result, it was only right for the bank to do the right thing by allowing consumers to do so.

Btg Pactual Launches Mynt Cryptocurrency Trading App - Coincu News
BTG Pactual Launches Crypto Trading App Mynt

There is little doubt that the crypto business will continue to grow in popularity, especially now that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender. The vast majority of individuals, however, still have no idea how the sector works or operates. This is why BTG Pactual aims to provide bitcoin education training, particularly for its consumers.

According to the CEO, the bank has no alternative but to educate its customers about the technology, followed by all other digital assets available in the financial markets.

The investment bank already had a strong foothold in the Brazilian market before establishing Mynt. The bank had been examining digital assets after previously launching a security token, ReitBZ, that was backed by real estate.

It’s worth noting that no other investment bank has gone as far as BTG Pactual in allowing its clients to invest directly in cryptocurrency.

Elemon Opens Whitelist to Public and Golden Ticket Prize

The GameFi project intends to reward its growing community for their tremendous contributions to the development of the Elemon environment.

Elemon launched a new campaign to reward users and put their “community first.” Elemon Loves You (E.L.Y) is a campaign that brings the protocol’s values closer to its users. The GameFi protocol will have a public sale to commemorate the campaign. In light of this, the public sale whitelist is now available.

The public auction will take place on November 6, 2021, with a total of 20,000,000 $ELMON ($180,000) up for grabs. Elemon plans to put some of the money toward establishing a charity fund to aid the poor in other nations. Elemon announced the establishment of the whitelist on Twitter on October 29th.

Elemon tweeted, “Elemon Loves You Official Whitelist Open.” and then gave the link for both the list as well as the bot $180,000 is equal to 20,000,000 ELMONs. Under the names of Elemonians, $80,000 will be donated to a charity.” They added.

Elemon Opens Whitelist To Public And Golden Ticket Prize
Elemon Opens Whitelist to Public and Golden Ticket Prize

The whitelist is open once more, and it will close at 11:59 p.m. UTC on November 5th. On the closing date, the winners will be revealed, and Elemon will list $ELMON on November 6th at 2:00 PM UTC. Participants will be able to claim tokens at 2:30 PM UTC on the day of the listing.

All participants will have access to 3600 E.L.Y tickets, each valued 5555.5 ELMON. The listing price will be set at 0.009 USD, according to Elemon’s report from October 27th. Keeping this in mind, users can earn E.L.Y tickets by performing tasks under Elemon’s whitelisting categories, which include the Elemon Fans Program, Referral Program, and Youtube contest programme.

Each category has a set number of E.L.Y tickets available. The Elemon fans programme is the category with the most tickets available. Elemon will provide 3480 tickets to 3480 Elemon fans who fulfil the required tasks collected from the Elemon Whitelist Bot on Telegram and participate in the Fans programme.

The top 100 participants with the most recommendations will receive E.L.Y tickets in the second category, the referral programme. Finally, 20 E.L.Y Youtube contest winners will receive E.L.G tickets as part of the Youtube contest programme. Users interested in learning more about the tasks in each area, as well as the guidelines and whitelist approval procedure, should visit Elemon’s blog.

Elemon also ran a second campaign to give users even more benefits. The protocol launched a Golden Ticket Prize Betting Round in collaboration with its key partner Corsair, allowing users to win prizes worth $20,000. Elemon opened the betting round on the same day as the whitelist for the general sale. The betting round, however, has come to an end.

“THE BETTING ROUND FOR THE GOLDEN TICKET PRIZE IS NOW OPEN. The complete prize pool of $20,000 from our strategic partner Corsair is ready to be claimed,” Elemon tweeted on October 29th.

All eyes are now on the next public sale, as Elemon seeks to benefit the community while also contributing to charity. In advance, I’d like to congratulate the whitelisted participants.

Finally, A Better Way To Monetize Your Popularity On Blockchain

Many celebrities have used social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to communicate with their fans and increase their social media presence by creating content.

Even as celebrities’ popularity and reach rise, there are two persistent issues:

Unless they are in the top 1% of the population, or unless they actively seek separate business agreements and ads outside of social media, celebrities receive relatively little compensation and monetary rewards from their presence on social media.

Outside of just following or liking their postings, fans have no opportunity to contribute in Celebrities’ social or financial advancement.

But what if there was a way to effectively monetize your social media presence while also bringing fans along for the ride?

Promify ($PROM) by Prometeus Labs ($PROM) is a blockchain-based platform that allows celebrities to monetise their social media presence while also allowing followers to join and contribute to their growth. Blockchain is perplexing to many of us who are new to cryptocurrency… Users can access Promify by a simple mobile link on celebrities’ social media pages, which attempts to change this.

Finally, A Better Way To Monetize Your Popularity On Blockchain
Finally, A Better Way To Monetize Your Popularity On Blockchain

And it appears to be working. Several celebrities and athletes are believed to have showed strong interest and are lining up to join the Promify group, which currently has a huge waiting.

Those that receive Promify invites or are considered eligible to be Promify Celebrities can create their own bespoke cryptocurrency known as “Celeb Coin (CCs).” Celeb Coins are a digital currency (custom-branded for each celebrity) that also serves as the foundation for an easy-to-use blockchain toolkit that will enable creators to unlock greater engagement and revenue models in their communities.

Celebrities, according to Promify, should create a viral economy around their identities and brands. Celebrities can create and sell personalised Celeb Coins to their fans (which may appreciate in value as the celebrity’s popularity develops and more people acquire their CCs). The CCs can be turned into golden tickets for exclusive access to the celebrity’s stuff, NFT drops, and tickets to concerts, fan meetups, and more once acquired.

Promify is set to launch in a few months, so stay tuned for more information on how to participate.

Elon Musk-named meme token ‘Dogelon Mars’ gains nearly 4000% in October

The massive bull run coincided with price rises of Dogecoin-inspired joke coins, most notably Shiba Inu.

In October, the value of a so-called meme cryptocurrency named after Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk increased by 3,780 percent.

After beginning the month at $0.00000005, Dogelon Mars (ELON) reached $0.00000233 on Saturday, its highest level since May 13. (data from Poloniex).

Dogelon Mars’ market cap soared from roughly $26 million on October 1 to as high as $1.19 billion on October 30, making MUSK the world’s 92nd-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

But What launched ELON price to the moon?
The performance of ELON on Oct. 29 and 30, when the token rose by more than 200 percent in conjunction with a listing on OKEx and on Oct. 29, accounted for a large percentage of the token’s October gains.

Elon Musk-Named Meme Token 'Dogelon Mars' Gains Nearly 4000% In October
Elon Musk-named meme token ‘Dogelon Mars’ gains nearly 4000% in October

The significant gains in ELON come amid a retail craze for Dogecoin-like humour cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu (SHIB), a Dogecoin-inspired joke cryptocurrency, increased more than 850 percent in October to a market worth of roughly $38.50 billion, surpassing Dogecoin itself.

Similarly, the value of Samoyedcoin (SAMO) increased by roughly 2,925 percent to around $458 million. Hoge Finance’s (HOGE) stock rose 2,923 percent in October to $458 million in value, up from $15 million at the start of the month.

“Everyone starts to assume this may be the next ridiculous rise whenever one of these coins starts to pump a little bit,” Eric Wall, chief investment officer of cryptocurrency investing firm Arcane Assets, told the Wall Street Journal.

“It’s a casino, and it’s a lot more entertaining than a roulette wheel.”

After peaking at $0.00000233 for the year, the Dogelon Mars price has dropped over 30%. As a result, a parallel descending channel formed, which resembled a Bull Flag, a bullish continuation indicator.If the price falls below the Flag’s lower trendline, followed by high volumes, the entire bullish setup risks being invalidated. If this occurs, ELON may suffer a setback.

Read Yesterday’s news here.

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