Bit2me will help 2gether Customers who have had their Accounts Blocked

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Key Takeaways:

  • Following the company’s blocking of access to its trading platform, Bit2me is looking to absorb 2gether’s customers.
  • To continue buying and selling on 2gether’s platform, Bit2me pays the €20 charge that 2gether imposed on its customers.
  • Customers who have their assets transferred to Bit2me’s platform will be able to continue buying and selling there.

Bit2me, a Spanish cryptocurrency exchange,  announced its intention to accumulate consumers whose accounts had been blocked by 2gether, another Spanish cryptocurrency exchange. The company has revealed a strategy that would enable customers to transfer their funds and accounts to its system in order to continue trading.

On July 10, the Spanish cryptocurrency trading platform 2gether suspended its free trading services, mentioning an incapability to rationalize its associated operational costs.

Bit2me will pay the €20 fee imposed by 2gether on its customers in order for them to continue trading on its platform. Customers will be able to continue trading on Bit2me’s platform while their assets are transferred there.

The CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me, Leif Ferreira, claims that the Spanish exchange is resolutely devoted to advancing this industry in the most open manner possible.

“The keys to bringing this sector to the entire society are training, knowledge, and innovation. We are devoted to upholding our convictions at Bit2Me. Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry are crucial to us today and in the future. We want to stand by 2gether users who want to continue being a part of the crypto ecosystem because of this,” says Ferreira.

When the exchange stopped consumer access and removed its presence from social media, affecting 100,000 users, 2gether told its customers about the issues it had been having at the beginning of the month. Due to the current financial slump, the company informed its consumers that it would no longer be able to provide free accounts.

The world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, according to Leif Ferreira, CEO, and co-founder, is and will continue to be crucial to the present and future. Because of this, Bit2Me wishes to stand by 2gether users who want to continue being a part of the crypto ecosystem.

Users had to pay a one-time fee of €20 to 2gether at the time of the company’s withdrawal in order to continue using the platform services. Customers with balances below that amount, however, would have their accounts liquidated. While Bit2me has continued to run smoothly and even expanded its operations to Latam, 2gether reported being impacted by the market condition.

Brazil is a very important country to Bit2me because of the vast number of prospective clients there and the magnitude of the cryptocurrency market. Regarding this, Pablo Casadio, CFO of Bit2me, said:

Since more than 20 million Brazilians currently participate in cryptocurrencies, [Brazil is] a major country in Bit2me’s debut into Latin America and demonstrates their interest in learning about this cutting-edge technology.

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