Binance Teams Up with the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance

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Key Takeaways:

  • Binance teams up with the Portuguese blockchain alliance, a non-profit organisation that comprises Microsoft, Vodafone, BBVA, Everis, and more than 20 leading law firms in Portugal, among others.
  • The deal between Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain and Binance was signed on January 19 in Lisbon by Rui Serapicos, the alliance’s president, and Alberto Ortiz, Binance’s Iberian Peninsula Country Head. This comes after Binance’s founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), visited Portugal in December.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has teamed up with Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain, a Portuguese group. In addition, many well-known organisations, including Vodafone, Microsoft, Everis, BBVA, and more than 20 major law firms based in Portugal, are members of the non-profit organisation.

The most recent news in the cryptocurrency industry comes from Lisbon. Here comes a new arrangement in place due to the company’s CEO’s travel to Portugal’s capital. An understanding that demonstrates Portugal’s strategic importance to Binance.

“Portugal is a technology hub for all of Europe,” Binance said in a statement to Negócios. 

Binance believes that Portugal has already established itself as a prominent technology hub, even for the rest of Europe, according to the same document provided to Negócios. As a result, the exchange hopes to contribute to the ongoing development of the already excellent ecosystem.

Alberto Ortiz, Country Head of Binance of Iberia, believes that the business is committed to investing in Portugal, hiring local expertise, and promoting blockchain ventures started by Portuguese entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, Alberto Ortiz reiterates the company’s commitment to invest in Portugal and hire local talent, consequently boosting blockchain ventures started by Portuguese entrepreneurs in another section of the document.

The Portuguese Blockchain Alliance is a collaborative ecosystem of businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies to provide the Portuguese economy with a wide range of Blockchain knowledge tools.

In the same press release, Rui Serapicos, president of Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain, states that the organisation is ready to “introduce all of the stakeholders’ of the local blockchain ecosystem to Binance and also to collaborate with them in the launch of some promising training programs in blockchain and crypto”.

Binance will begin immediately and shortly to launch training programmes in blockchain and crypto, hand in hand with the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance and the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools in the country, as a result of the platform’s entry into this alliance, which has excellent sharks in the Portuguese market.

Noticeably, this organisation already has ties to several of Portugal’s most famous academic institutions. Catholic University, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gesto (ISEG), and Universidade Noba de Lisboa are among them. Meanwhile, further announcements will be made in the following weeks according to the exchange.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao keeps his promise made during his visit to Portugal

Binance is definitely hoping to operate in line with Changpeng Zhao, the company’s CEO, who made a significant declaration earlier this year (CZ). During an interview with Negócios late last year, CZ talked about increasing Binance’s presence in Portugal. The CEO at the time stated:

“We would love to physically establish ourselves here, have a local presence and get licences. We want to offer our services locally and have a local currency.”

The partnership comes as Binance considers where to locate its global headquarters. However, nothing has been confirmed by the company. In fact, some speculate that Binance may be considering relocating its headquarters to Dubai. And it’s all because CZ recently purchased his first home in the area.

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