8 Best Demo Exchange account to learn trading on Exchanges

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For professional traders looking for fresh approaches as well as new investors wishing to explore the world of finance, Demo exchange account are a priceless resource. With these Demo account on exchanges at your disposal, you may continually enhance your comprehension of the markets while putting your talents to the test in a realistic yet secure setting.

What is Crypto Paper trading apps?

Paper trading Apps are apps that let users practice trading without spending real money. With the use of paper trading apps, traders may transact in stocks, commodities, and currencies using virtual money in a simulated environment. These applications provide users with a genuine experience because the pricing of the assets are based on current market data.

The benefit of paper trading apps is that they provide a risk-free setting where traders can test out various tactics and methods. This is really helpful for beginners who first want to acquire experience before investing their hard earned money in real trading apps and create Demo Exchange account to learn trading on Exchanges.

8 Demo Exchange account to learn trading on Exchanges


  • The ideal app among all Paper trading apps for traders of cryptocurrency derivatives is the ByBit Testnet. With 100% mainnet replication of the goods and services, it offers a risk-free environment. 
  • With its many features, ByBit Testnet is a great option for traders wishing to start trading cryptocurrency derivatives.
  • One of the most helpful tools provided by ByBit Testnet is the ADL rating system. You may monitor your success in comparison to other traders by using this ranking system, which provides a score based on your leverage and the profit ratio of your positions.
  • Furthermore, users may register a demo account on ByBit Testnet and trade contracts without having to risk any actual money. 
  • This facilitates novice traders’ understanding of the platform’s operation prior to making their own investments.
  • To assist traders in reducing risk and protecting their capital, ByBit Testnet offers risk management features including Limit Orders and Conditional Orders.
  • You can always obtain assistance when you need it thanks to the platform’s 24/7 customer service and user-friendly design.
  • ByBit Testnet is an all-around reliable platform with a number of tools to assist cryptocurrency derivative traders in minimizing risks and maximizing returns.
  • You can download the app from Google playstore and Apple appstore.
Demo Account On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : ByBit

Binance Mock Account 

  • A great way to get started with Demo account on exchanges for trading without having to risk your real money is using a Binance Mock Account.
  • It gives users the chance to hone their trading abilities in a virtual setting and build confidence before using real money to trade.
  • You get access to the same functionalities on the live site with Binance Mock Account. Establishing a Binance Mock Account is an easy and clear process.
  • After creating a new account or logging in, go to Binance Futures and allow Testnet access to your account. 
  • Next, you’ll get access to the fake trading platform, where you may place orders and see market data exactly as you would on the real one.
  • The sole distinction is that orders placed in this setting won’t involve the exchange of actual money. 
  • With the Binance Mock Account, traders may experiment with various methods risk-free.
  • You may experiment with various order types, such stop-loss or limit orders, and observe their real-time functionality without risking any financial loss in the event of an error. 
  • You can download the app from Google playstore and Apple appstore.
Demo Accounts On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : Binance Mock Account

OKX Demo

  • With the OKX sample trading platform, users may hone their trading techniques in a virtual setting. Without risking any money, it gives traders access to the same tools as real-time trading.
  • Additionally, the platform gives users access to a number of markets, such as futures, swaps, and spot trading. 
  • Its user-friendly design makes it easy for novices to begin trading.
  • Additionally, the platform has cutting-edge tools like automated trading that may assist seasoned traders increase their earnings. 
  • In order to assist users in making knowledgeable trading decisions, comprehensive analytics and reports are also available to them.
  • The WAGMI price bot automatically adjusts pricing in response to changes in the market, this bot helps dealers stay one step ahead of their rivals. 
  • Furthermore, individuals who meet specific trading activity milestones can win prizes through OKX’s Demo Trading Challenge.
  • While the platform’s sophisticated capabilities give seasoned traders the resources they need to optimize their earnings, its user-friendly layout makes it simple for newcomers to get started.’
  • OKX Demo can be downloaded from Google playstore and Apple Appstore.
Demo Exchange Account
Demo account on exchanges : OKX Demo


  • For traders who wish to test their trading techniques in a secure and regulated setting, KuCoin Sandbox is the perfect among all Demo account on exchanges . 
  • Before placing actual trades, traders can test web trading or connect to an API using the Sandbox, which is intended primarily for testing purposes.
  • It offers every function of the live exchange, letting traders test out the features and power of the platform without having to risk real money. 
  • Since the sandbox and production environments are entirely isolated from one another, testing and experimentation cannot affect real-time trading operations.
  • The Sandbox environment offers a safe and secure testing environment as the login session and the API key are totally separate from the production environment. When traders sign up, they are given a certain sum of fictitious money. 
  • These funds are non-refundable and are only to be used for testing. A trader must move assets from the primary account to the trading account in order to trade in the Sandbox environment.
  • KuCoin Sandbox gives traders a great chance to test their trading methods in a safe and regulated setting. 
  • Both new and seasoned traders wishing to hone their abilities will find this platform perfect due to its intuitive design, wealth of trading tools, and simulated money.
  • Download the Kucoin app from Google playstore and Apple appstore for android and iOS users respectively.
8 Best Demo Exchange Account To Learn Trading On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : Kucoin


  • The well-known trading account eToro offers services for stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, EFTs, and cryptocurrencies. Users of the platform can also practice trading with virtual accounts that are provided.
  • Users may register free eToro virtual accounts and get rewarded with $100,000 in virtual money. It’s just right—big enough to allow for effective learning, but not so big that you have to strive beyond your potential.
  • You may use the sample account to experience all of eToro’s features. To manage your virtual portfolio, you may analyze up to 16 digital currencies, install measurements, and create lines and trends using an easy-to-use interface.
  • Next, in order to enter a position without running the danger of losing money, you’ll enter buy and sell orders.
  • The virtual account allows users to play with different risk levels through leverage, stop loss, and take profit. It also offers insight into temporal patterns with sophisticated analytical tools.
  • Social news streams allow users to discuss concepts and analyze charts. You may mimic their portfolios and establish connections with elite traders worldwide. 
  • eTORO app is available for download from the Google playstore and Apple appstore.
8 Best Demo Exchange Account To Learn Trading On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : eTORO


  • Another excellent option among Demo account on exchanges, is NinjaTrader. In just a few minutes, you can create a sample account for free and start paper trading right now.
  • Remember that you may only trade futures and options on futures with NinjaTrader brokerage.
  • However, the broker offers an excellent trading experience with state-of-the-art research tools at reasonable trading prices.
  • With over 500,000 members worldwide, this paper trade network is among the best options available.
  • There is no minimum amount, however to access limitless simulation trading, you must have at least $400 in futures and $50 in FX.
  • However, there is a withdrawal fee of $30 for US wire transfers and $40 for foreign wire transfers. 
  • The Trading Products offered by this platform include Nani Bitcoin, Micro Crude Oil, Micro E-mini Futures, and Futures
  • Research & Education are helpful technical trading research tools, seminars, instructional videos, and excellent support manuals.
  • Get the Ninjatrader app for android and iOS users from Google playstore and Apple playstore.
8 Best Demo Exchange Account To Learn Trading On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : NinjaTrader


  • The best thing about Kraken’s futures demo/test account is that it can be used for free! It also doesn’t require any unique setup to use; all you need is a Kraken account, which you can make on the internet for free!
  • Kraken Pro is a platform specifically tailored for experienced traders. Thus, futures trading isn’t necessarily the best option for novices.
  • Of course, one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with Kraken’s platform is to use their demo/test accounts for futures. 
  • Therefore, even if you are an experienced trader, this might be a wonderful chance for you to learn about Kraken’s futures trading process in addition to getting some practice.
  • All things considered, Kraken’s demo/test futures accounts are an excellent resource for anybody interested in futures and paper trading.
  • It’s  free, and has an easy to use and straightforward interface, and provides a realistic environment that can help you learn and practice your trading skills.
  • Andriod and iOS users can download the Kraken app from Google playstore and Apple appstore.
8 Best Demo Exchange Account To Learn Trading On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : Kraken


  • In the case of Bitfinex, you will have to establish a sub-account in order to select a paper trading sub-account.
  • By the way, when creating a sub-account, be sure to use a different username and email address. Furthermore, a sub-account cannot be changed into a regular account after it has been opened and made available for paper trading.
  • While it might not be very convenient to utilize a separate account for paper trading cryptos, Bitfinex’s crypto paper trading software does not need the creation of a sub-account!
  • Please be aware that you can only add a maximum of $1,000,000 (or its equivalent value in other currencies) to the total amount per sub-account and up to $100,000 per paper currency.
  • Additionally, you can also use Bitfinex Honey for paper trading when it comes to Bitfinex.
  • An adaptable and open-source trading toolset is offered by Bitfinex Honey. It provides a number of features to improve the Bitfinex platform’s functionality. 
  • Thus, with an easy-to-use interface, traders may create bespoke orders, execute different algorithmic trading methods, and get notifications with Bitfinex Honey.
  • The Bitfinex Honey toolbox gives traders options in how they may access and utilize the product by including both standalone versions and a web application.
  • Users may download the Bitfinex app from Google playstore and Apple appstore.
8 Best Demo Exchange Account To Learn Trading On Exchanges
Demo account on exchanges : Bitfinex


Without having to risk any real money, Demo account on exchanges can help you improve your trading abilities. Thus, Demo account on exchanges may be a very useful tool for learning and experimenting, regardless of your level of experience as a trader or your desire to try out new tactics. Thus, if you’re considering entering the cryptocurrency space, you might want to attempt paper trading. Let your inner trading wizard guide you to begin turning a healthy profit in real time. 

What are the limitations of Demo account on exchanges

The limitations of Demo account on exchanges include :

  1. It tends to undervalue True Transaction Costs. 
  2. Trading using simulators conceals the psychological strain of market fluctuations.
  3. It could result in optimization. 

Can I use these platforms to trade any kind of securities?

For practice purposes, these platforms offer the majority of prominent stocks and indices; however, depending on the software you use, not all securities may be included in the virtual portfolio possibilities.

Is it possible to combine paper trading with actual trading?

Indeed! To test new techniques or determine whether investment ideas are viable before putting them into the real market, many traders utilize paper trading in addition to their actual transactions.

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