BearX Hacked, Phishing attempt Successful in Selling NFTs worth 0.1 ETH

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Key takeaways:

  • The Discord Bear-X attack and other similar incidents necessitate tighter security measures for NFT initiatives.
  • After linking ETH wallets, many users reported losing a large chunk of money to scammers.
Bearx Hacked, Phishing Attempt Successful In Selling Nfts Worth 0.1 Eth

BearX is one of the most recent arrivals into the realm of NFT. There will be a maximum of 3,700 collectable characters available. BearX claims that each character is accessible for 0.100ETH.
However, many people are now claiming that the BearX NFT official Discord server has been hacked. Early on, the hackers offered to mint BearX. Many people have purchased multiple BearX NFT characters since the news was made on the official Discord server.

Many customers reported losing a considerable sum of money to fraudsters after connecting their ETH wallets. They promptly erased the messages claiming that individuals could create BearX avatars early on.

According to one user, it is not a hack but a loophole used by scammers to publish announcements on Discord servers to gain money. The BearX crew was quick to respond to users, stating that their Discord had not been breached. People who observed the events, on the other hand, believe otherwise.

These attacks indicate the need for improved security protocols while selling NFT on Discord, such as BearX. To avoid such frauds, one should constantly be careful of where they connect their crypto wallets and check the links and sites they visit.

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