Attack Wagon: P2E Games With Engaging Storylines

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Attack Wagon
Attack Wagon

Humans have always revolved their imagination around stories. Stories have been a part of our culture, tradition, and even modern life. Attack Wagon is one such step towards bringing you a game that has a rich story and where you can earn while having fun.

The Games

Creators of Attack Wagon have created free-to-earn games that are not just based on stories but also feature a rich experience. The games are based on the remnants of a past where Gods used to rule (Aethervale). After the main star’s death, its remnants revolve around a body called Shadestar. 

Plots in these remnants of Aethervale are available as NFTs (ERC-721), which also generate income for the owners. The game also includes stunning graphics and a rich storyline.

Scrap Guilds

This is a game based on the story that thousands of space crafts lie wasted as scraps after the great war. Players can use these scraps to upgrade spaceships or sell to earn $ATK. The game also features shooting other players as well as aliens.

Pre Registration

The Attack Wagon Games have started pre-registration, including numerous benefits for just signing up. No money is required to pre-register. Further, the following benefits are available:

  • Early access to play Scrap Guilds.
  • Whitelisting spot in the Land Sale.
  • The first to get information about future games.


The blockchain game is based on Polygon, known for its super-fast speed and very low transaction fees.

The $ATK token is the vital blood in the game. Players can buy tokens from or QuickSwap. These tokens can be used for:

  • Buying land plots
  • Upgrading NFTs
  • NFT ship parts.

Note: Attack Wagon games will not keep tokens that are generated as revenue; they would be burned to incentivize other players. Also, Attack Wagon will distribute a portion of the revenue among players.

Land Plots

Land In Attack Wagon
Land in Attack Wagon

Land Plots are available as ERC-721 NFTs. Like other blockchain lands, these land plots are income generators. Further, each type of land benefits from every game that Attack Wagon launches. Attack Wagon’s Land Sale has Officially Begun!

Early earners will be the highest rewarded in earnings. There are three classes of land plots: 

  • Common Plots: There are 6,975 common plots. Common plots will split 40% of fees with landowners that are earned from the marketplace. Daily earning limits are raised by 15%.
  • Grand Plots: There are 1000 grand plots. Grand plots will split 40% of the fees gained from the marketplace with landowners. Owners get voting rights for future games. Daily earning limits are raised by 25%.
  • Iconic Plots: There are 30 iconic plots. Voting rights are also included. They will split 20% of the marketplace earnings. Each owner can submit a banner for their plot. Also, there will be a custom NFT for each owner. The daily cap on earnings is raised by 100% for owners.

These NFT Plots are now available for whitelisting.  

Land Prices on Discounts up to 68%.

The prices are 10,000 $ATK for Common Plots, 68,000 $ATK for Grand Plots and 1,120,000 $ATK for Iconic Plots. 

Note that the cost of $ATK is less than a cent (0.008 USD). That makes the common plots cost just $80.

With such a reasonable price to pay for land plots, it’s definitely worth a try.

Why is Whitelisting a Good Opportunity?

Whitelisting is done to reward the early supporters of a project. They are allowed to mint NFTs at far lower prices. These low price mintings are possible because there are no gas wars.

In regular minting, many people try to mint simultaneously, pushing the competition upwards. This increased congestion triggers the gas prices to skyrocket.

In a whitelisting, gas prices are down because people are allotted time where they can mint their NFTs at a very low gas fee. Further, since the gas fees are lowest at whitelisting, hence the NFTs are also available at the lowest prices for most cases.


Attack Wagons have created games that are not only free to play but also let you earn money. The whitelisting for land sale (as NFTs) enables players to increase their income through lands. Moreover, the game supports players through token burning and distributing portions of the revenue. With the whitelisting, early players of the games will be highly benefited due to gas prices and the low cost of lands.

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Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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