U.S Metamask Users Can Now Buy Crypto Directly From Their Bank Accounts 

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Key Takeaways:

  • US customers can now purchase crypto with bank funds due to a new interface between MetaMask and the fiat-crypto settlement platform Sardine.
  • When opposed to using cards for payments, this way of purchasing cryptocurrency straight from a bank account is anticipated to be more effective.

Users of Metamask in the US can now purchase cryptocurrency straight from their bank accounts. This will significantly lessen the difficulty of purchasing cryptocurrency. Making it simpler for people to purchase and manage cryptocurrency can only help Metamask, a market leader in software crypto wallets.

A collaboration between ConsenSys and the rapid ACH settlement merchant Sardine has made this service available. 

This agreement would add another accomplishment to Sardine’s roadmap. A16z, a venture capital firm that supports cryptocurrencies, led the team’s recent $51.5M Series B fundraising, which was also supported by Google Ventures and Visa, two of the biggest names in the sector.

The blockchain technology firm ConsenSys, which created Metamask, also took part in the investment round for Sardine.In addition to this, Metamask now supports immediate ACH transfers. The user must first adhere to Sardine’s KYC procedure, which Metamask also needs to follow. 

Users can then buy cryptocurrency up to $3000 per day, $5,000 per week, and $25,000 per month. To guarantee that scams and frauds are kept to a minimum, the restrictions have been imposed.

In a formal news statement, ConsenSys claimed that the quick payment option made available by Sardine is more likely to be successful than the conventional payment system, where card payments are frequently rejected.

“Instant ACH operates on holidays, unlike regular ACH, and allows orders to finish in minutes rather than days like a standard ACH order.”

It is anticipated that this way of purchasing cryptocurrency straight from a bank account will function considerably more effectively than using credit or debit cards. That’s because the bank frequently rejects them.

According to Sardine, for some users, CH may be more advantageous than cards because

  • Instant ACH is more likely to be successful because 50% of purchases involving card payments may be denied.
  • Compared to cards, instant ACH permits bigger limits.

MetaMask has been actively collaborating with other platforms; the self-custody wallet in May announced a strategic relationship with Asset Reality for an end-to-end solution for recovering, managing, and retrieving seized crypto and complicated assets.

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