Strike Launches Pay Me In Bitcoin | Earlier Strike API brought Twitter Tips

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Key takeaways:

  • “PAY ME” launched by a US-based Strike allows users to receive their  salaries in Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Strike, a Lightning Network payment platform located in the United States has introduced the “Pay Me In Bitcoin” feature, which allows customers to convert fees to Bitcoin automatically and for free. 
Strike Launches Pay Me In Bitcoin
Strike Launches Pay Me In Bitcoin

“Pay Me with Bitcoin” enables customers to convert a portion of their earnings into Bitcoin (BTC) using their bank account and routing information. This feature allows anybody who is qualified for an account, regardless of their job, to have simple access to their funds.

The launch of its newest feature will allow users to convert some or all of their revenue in the app to bitcoin using their bank accounts and routing numbers.

“Today, anyone with a Strike account can get paid in bitcoin, regardless of employer.”

Strike founder @jackmallers

Following the Strike announcement, City of Miami CIO Mike Sarasti publicly asked that he be paid in Bitcoin on Friday, October 15. He also declared on his official Twitter account that he might be a guinea pig for the application and provided the necessary paperwork.

 It was clarified in the announcement that this isn’t a recommendation to go all-in on bitcoin. This is the process of taking your salary and the money you intend to save and allowing you to save in a way that can keep up with inflation and the cost of living.

Due to the sheer efficiencies that bitcoin has reached as a currency, everyone now has the ability to improve their quality of life by being able to be paid and save the best money of all time. Everyone now has access to the most advanced method of saving and investing for their future with Strike. Strike’s goal is to help people achieve financial independence and create a more financially connected society.

The Lightning Network is freely accessible and useful, thanks to Bitcoin. Pay Me In Bitcoin seeks to allow customers to convert a portion of their salary into bitcoin for free, allowing them to save money, grow their wealth, empower them economically to improve the quality of their living.

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