Robby Starbuck Campaign to Accept Bitcoin Donations

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  • US Congressional to accept donations in Bitcoin. 
  • He says that digital currencies are the future and America is all for it. 

Robby Starbuck, who is running for the US Congress has announced today that he will accept donations in Bitcoin. With Bitcoin donations and payments gaining fame in the world, candidates are also supporting the growth of digital currencies. 

Starbucks took to Twitter to share the launch of a BitPay wallet where people can donate Bitcoins to support him for the congressional campaign. He has also shared that he has especially taken this step as the Bitcoin 2022 conference is starting in Miami. The congressmen said that digital currencies hold the future and elected officials should stay updated about the latest technologies to be at par with foreign competitors. 

He has also shared his opinion on China banning the trade of cryptocurrency trading and mining. He said that the communist country wants to control its residents whereas, America champions “freedom of innovation”. He has talked about the Canadian truckers to help understand the importance of virtual currencies. 

Starbuck considers Bitcoin as a “valuable check on financial oligarchy” and has talked about the success and acceptance it has gained over the years. He has also made a strong statement saying, “Without cryptocurrency, we’re at the mercy of tyrants.” 

He further added, “In Congress, I plan to fight the regulatory state that seeks to kill all of the innovation surrounding Bitcoin. We need that innovation to happen in America!”

People willing to show support to Robby Starbuck can send their donations in crypto at:

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