Reddit Co-Founder Says 90% of Games in 5 Years will be Blockchain “Play-To-Earn” Titles

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Reddit Co-Founder says 90% of games in 5 years will be blockchain “Play-To-Earn” titles.
  • Ohanian thinks those games will dominate the gaming world in five years. 
  • People will value their time more and only play a game that pays well. 

Recently, in an episode of the Where It Happens podcast, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian said that Crypto Play-To-Earn Games would dominate the gaming market in the next five years. He also pointed out the advantages of blockchain technology in the industry. He said that “90 per cent of people won’t play a game if they aren’t adequately valued.”, according to Business Insider. 

Ohanian is the most recent industry figure and is voicing his support for the play-to-earn game’s idea. The sequential entrepreneur is currently dedicated to blockchain and initiatives related to crypto. However, he is optimistic about play to earn’s potential and expects it to be predominant in the gaming area in recent years. 

Hypothetically players can turn their in-game profits into genuine dollars since they use crypto tokens instead of the ordinary in-game profits in most play-to-earn games. The most famous game in the area currently is Axie Infinity. It is a Pokemon-like game where the formal Axies can be traded for RONIN cryptocurrency. 

The game has a $300 lowest buy-in which filters out many players as lower-level players usually earn only a minimum wage. However, Axie struggles with finances as players withdraw their earnings instead of investing them back into the game. 

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