Playboy launches Rabbitars, Presale in 2 days

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Key takeaways:

  • Playboy magazine has joined the NFT frenzy by creating its own NFT Rabbitars for sale on Ethereum.
  • Each Rabbitar will be created from a pool of 175+ attributes.
  • On October 26, the NFTs will be offered for 0.1953 ETH (about $730) on the Playboy Rabbitars website.
  • Playboy’s genuine blockchain-based membership begins with the Rabbitar community.
Playboy Launches Rabbitars, Presale In 2 Days

PLBY Group,, the owner of Playboy, the famous lifestyle brand, today launched Playboy Rabbitars, its newest line of NFTs. Playboy will issue 11,953 distinct Rabbitars, 3D rabbit figures, in NFT form to celebrate the company’s foundation year of 1953. Playboy’s specialised Web3 Innovation Team came up with the Rabbitars NFT Collection.

The upcoming Playboy Rabbitars NFT Collection combines the renowned lifestyle and entertainment magazine’s imagery, legacy, and lore. This project personifies the brand’s worldwide known symbol as a full-fledged NFT Collectible, as the name implies.

Playboy sees blockchain as a new technological layer that will allow customers to connect with the Playboy lifestyle in new ways, as well as a crucial tool for developing new membership packages. The Liquid Summer collection, created in partnership with artist Slimesunday, was the brand’s first venture into the NFT community last Spring. 

The whole Collection sold out within three minutes, making it a huge commercial success. Then, in time for the 2021 Bitcoin Conference, it debuted its Miami Beach NFT Collection on SuperRare.

To deepen interaction and conversation with the NFT community, Playboy established a special Discord server termed ‘The Rabbit Hole’ in September. Jamal Dauda, Playboy’s Vice President of Blockchain Innovation, is curating a series of weekly lectures with key figures in the NFT community.

“Distributed ledger technology is revolutionizing how fans and consumers interact with brands today. At Playboy, we’re committed to moving out of the era of merely acquiring followers and into an era of building thoughtful communities where each member has a voice. Our goal is to deliver meaningful opportunities for ownership and unique value. The Rabbitars mark the beginning of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy. Just as Playboy Club keys gave millions of members a chance to step into the sophisticated lifestyle that the Playboy brand represents, NFTs today can do the same and so much more.” -Jamal Dauda, VP, Blockchain Innovation.

The sale will commence in two days  at a mint price of 0.1953 ETH ($803). According to the website, in order to become the owner of such an NFT, a user must first create a Metamask wallet. NFTs, on the other hand, will be available for purchase in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Those who wish to pay in ETH must do so at least two days prior to the start of the sale. The ETH pre-sale will begin on October 24. The public auction for US dollars will begin on October 26th, and customers will be able to purchase Rabbitars for ETH the following day.

Why should I invest in the NFT Collection of Playboy Rabbitars and what is the utility?

Each Rabbitar will indeed be developed from a pool of over 175 characteristics including fur, ears, facial expressions, clothing, accessories, occupation-related traits, and more.

The Rabbitars are portrayed in the project as a unique species that lives in the legendary Leveretia metaverse. They have incredible speed, deception, cultural understanding, razor-sharp wit, and, in certain circumstances, sexual prowess.

Rabbitar characteristics influenced by culturally significant parts of Playboy’s aesthetic and editorial history are among the rarest. The team aims to make sure that having a Rabbitar NFT means owning a piece of Playboy’s past.

Each Rabbitar will be a key that grants access to all of Playboy’s blockchain features. As a result, NFT holders will get first access to Playboy art and artist collaborations, as well as real-world and metaverse events and experiences. As a result, the Rabbitar community marks the beginning of Playboy’s genuine blockchain-based membership.

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