Top 15 P2E NFT Games to Follow

The booming P2E market is a trend hard to ignore today. Thousands of players join the lucrative P2E industry every day to combine the pleasure of exciting gameplay and earning opportunities. This combination of thrilling gaming activities and a chance to earn monetizable rewards have made the P2E market grow in leaps in the past year, and the pace of growth is expected to rise. 

People’s love for P2E entertainment is overwhelming. According to DappRadar, more than 52% of active crypto wallets existing to date are linked to one of the numerous P2E games, suggesting enormous gamer activity. By the end of 2021, in-game NFT asset sales volume exceeded $2.32 billion, which is more than 20% of the entire NFT trading volume. Thus, P2E games are here to stay, given the amount of interest and user activity they enjoy. 

So, which NFT game to play? 

Modern gamers are spoilt for choice, with hundreds of P2E games already available and dozens more released each day. We’ve searched deep and wide to help you choose. Here is the list of top 15 P2E games worth picking as your next favorite activity. Good luck!

#1 Thetan Arena 

  • Blockchain: Kardia Blockchain
  • Score 9/10 based on 37 reviews.
  • Website link: Thetan Arena
  • Telegram group:

Another hit in the P2E videogaming, Thetan Arena has been a success after its release in autumn of 2021. The game offers exciting gameplay in the MOBA genre and is powered by the BNB blockchain. Thetan Arena welcomes players to pick a hero (get a free one upon registration or buy a warrior with more advanced skills at the in-game NFT marketplace). 

Fans of exciting battles will enjoy the variety of game modes, fighting as solo warriors of making teams. Thetan Arena also has the challenge modes, like Tower Siege, Super Star, and Deathmatch, where the strongest player gets THC rewards. The most exciting is the Custom Battle mode where players can organize the battlefield how they please, inviting others for an epic battle on their terms. 

The game has two tokens – THC and THG. The latter is used to pay the commissions and conduct in-game transactions; the former can be earned by winning battles and completing challenges. The players should also collect PP (Power Points) in the process of playing to boost their skills and earn an advantage over their counterparts. PPs are not tradable outside the game. 

Thetan Arena 
Thetan Arena 

#2 World of Defish

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Score 10/10 based on 58 reviews.
  • Website link: World of Defish
  • Telegram group:

World of Defish has taken the crypto gaming world by storm upon its release in 2022. It is an appealing game inviting P2E fans to an exciting fishing adventure full of lucrative P2E opportunities. The fish NFTs and fishing equipment possess monetary value and can be traded on the in-game NFT marketplace. 

The game’s P2E mechanics are engaging, giving users several earning options. First, you can mine the WOD token in any area on the game’s map. Players can also get passive income by earning a commission from other fishermen, buying lands (NFT zones) and charging fees from those coming to fish in their territories. The equipment selection also plays a vital role in the P2E potential, with better tools yielding a greater number of WOD tokens during mining. Finally, the earned WOD tokens can be placed into the game’s liquidity pool, earning their owners passive income. 

World of Defish is 14 on the list of the best games, running on BSC and has already won the hearts of over 200,000 fans. The team continues to surprise with their bold innovations and plans like off-chain, guilds, stacks, tournaments, gaming Metaverse, etc.

World Of Defish
World of Defish

#3 Splinterlands 

  • Blockchain: Hive Blockchain
  • Score 8/10 based on 58 reviews.
  • Website link: Splinterlands
  • Telegram group:

Splinterlands was released in 2018 and quickly gained popularity among avid P2E gamers because of its fun gameplay, exciting storyline and characters, and numerous earning opportunities. It’s a collectible card game in fantasy style. Players need to collect a squad for battles and challenge other players, contending for tradable cards. 

The game’s style is reminiscent of Dota Auto Chess or Magic the Gathering. To join the community and start playing/earning, you need to register on the official website and acquire Summoner’s Spellbook for $10. The spellbook unlocks daily quests, an opportunity to earn in-game tokens and receive seasonal rewards. Newbies receive startup cards that they cannot exchange or trade, using them only on the battlefield. 

The player’s competitive advantage in a battle is determined by their card’s rating. The game’s tokenomics is powered by three tokens: Credits, DEC, and SPS. If your cards leave much to be desired, then buy better ones in the NFT marketplace or spend a couple of bucks on card rental. 


#4 Decentraland 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum blockchain
  • Score: Score 8/10 based on 53 reviews
  • Website link: Decentraland
  • Telegram group:

Those looking for a whole new metaverse to live a second life and earn crypto rewards will definitely enjoy Decentraland. It is a virtual world where you can be a regular player or a business owner, monetizing your digital business. Did you dream of opening a bakery house? No need to do it in reality – you can earn real money by selling bread to digital people in the Decentraland universe. 

The game works on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to experience and create digital content in the virtual land, personalizing their worlds the way they see it. The builders have a huge set of tools to customize their land parcels. The in-game token is MANA, which players use to conduct in-game transactions, buy food and clothing, travel, play P2E games within the metaverse, and do other activities to live an exciting crypto life.  


#5 The Sandbox 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Score  Score 8/10 based on 55 reviews
  • Website link: Sandbox
  • Telegram group:

The Sandbox is a blockchain adaptation of the popular Sandbox game released by Pixowl in 2012. The game provides feature-rich tools to create, sell, and apply VR NFTs in the in-game economy. It allows gamers to monetize their gaming experience in many ways by building their own metaverse reality and projects. 

The Sandbox utilizes the SAND token as its in-game reward to players. SAND is the native currency gamers can use to transact with in-game assets. For example, if you produce unique NFTs and other users see utility in them, they can purchase the NFTs for SAND from you. The in-game production tool is VoxEdit – the 3D voxel modeling and NFT minting software package bringing a set of voxels to life in the form of humans, animals, vehicles, etc. Other ways of earning SAND include in-game campaigns and competitions.  


#6 Silks 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Score: Score 7/10 based on 35 reviews
  • Website link: Silks
  • Twitter:

Are you a fan of racing? Even those who have no chance to establish a horse racing or breeding business in real life have received that opportunity in the Silks P2E game. Thousands of players rave about this game because it serves as a genuine bridge between reality and a metaverse of the equestrian business. 

By joining the Silks game, you’re introduced to the world of professional horse racing. You can go through the entire experience of horse breeding and training, breed your own horse with a unique bloodline, and participate in the competition with unique digital horses serving as valuable NFTs. If your horse is good enough, you can earn a fortune on it. 

And the most exciting thing about Silks is that digital horse NFTs are linked to real-world pedigreed horses. If your horse wins in the real world, its NFT’s owner gets STT tokens as rewards. Players can also organize competitions in the Silks blockchain, trade horses in the NFT marketplace, stake Bitcoins, and earn STT on horse rearing. 


#7 Gods Unchained 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Score Score 7/10 based on 42 reviews
  • Website link: GodsUnchained
  • Telegram channel:

Gods Unchained is another popular game in the NFT P2E market, operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It has captivating gameplay involving gamers in battles between their god avatars and those of the opponents. The game follows the trading card format – a popular one in the modern P2E market, as other successful examples of Splinterlands, Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering prove. 

The cards used by players in Gods Unchained are NFTs that one can buy, sell, or exchange in the in-game marketplace. Every card you get is unique, and it gives a unique position in the battle to its owner. Newbies get three free card packs upon joining the game and win stronger cards on the battlefield.  

The game’s cards have 4 rarity types, each having a distinct value. A card’s cost ranges from $0.1 to $50,000 in the NFT marketplace, giving users a chance to raise their status and competitive advantage in the battle for in-game rewards.   

Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained

#8 Alien Worlds 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum, WAX and BNB Chain (BSC) blockchains
  • Score: Score 7/10 based on 31 reviews
  • Website link: Alien Worlds
  • Telegram channel:

Fans of space themes in gaming will be happy to join the Aliens Worlds community. This game has all a P2E product should provide – catchy graphics, an exciting plot, and a set of earning opportunities. The game encourages users to search for NFTs in the space locations, connecting with other players and mastering the universe’s governance via the in-game token, Trilium. Its accumulation gives the gamers voting power in the Planet DAOs, which is also a source of exciting action in the game. 

Other game features include sensing missions across the metaverse on the leased spaceships to find the hidden NFTs, teleporting across blockchains, and NFT drop building with other player groups. 

Alien Worlds
Alien Worlds

#9 Olympus Game

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Score: Score 7/10 based on 17 reviews
  • Website link: Olympus Game
  • Telegram channel:

Olympus Game is a new exciting offer backed by BD Multimedia, taking you to the world of Ancient Greece and offering you an adventure of tower conquest. Players get NFT cards that they can upgrade using the in-game token and win battles against other gamers, destroying their towers and moving up the leaderboard. It comes in the web and mobile versions, ensuring flexibility and convenience on the go. The project began its journey at the beginning of 2022 and is quickly gaining a loyal fanbase. 

The game uses the internal $OLYMP coin for internal transactions. Its dedicated fans and investors can become part of the holder pool during the game’s public ICO scheduled for Q3 of 2022. 

Top 15 P2E Nft Games To Follow
Olympus Game

#10 Skyweaver 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Score: Score 6/10 based on 30 reviews
  • Website link: Skyweaver
  • Telegram channel:

Skyweaver is considered one of the most promising games in the P2E collectible card game niche. It is done in the best tradition of collectible card hits, such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. It’s a visually engaging game with a unique style and approach that won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

This game runs on Polygon and Ethereum and is available in iOS, Android, and PC versions. There is no native token in this game, with all transactions and purchases made in USDC. Users will be pleased with appealing graphics and animation, competitive game modes, and leaderboards. The P2E mechanics of the game is pretty simple: players receive silver and gold NFT cards as rewards for the won battles. These cards are tradable for USDC and can be withdrawn to the Sequence wallet. 


#11 Axie Infinity

  • Blockchain: Ronin Network
  • Score 10/10 based on 42 reviews.
  • Website link: Axie Infinity
  • Telegram group:

When talking about P2E games, one can hardly challenge the leadership of Axie Infinity in this area. It was produced by a Vietnamese company Sly Mavis and released in 2018. Ethereum and Ronin blockchains power the game and create a fun, exciting gaming experience for users raising their Pokemon-like Axies to win rewards for their owners. 

The P2E mechanics of the game is simple: users need to earn SLPs (Smooth Love Potions) and AXS (Axie Infinity Shards), which possess monetary value and can be traded for ETH or other currencies. To earn these rewards, players should maintain their regular activity in the game, log in every day, complete the assigned challenges, and win PvP battles. Axie breeding is also lucrative, as a capable and skilled Axie can be traded for a fair sum of money in the NFT marketplace. 

Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity

#12 Parallel 

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Score: Score 6/10 based on 28 reviews
  • Website link: Parallel
  • Twitter:

Imagine the distant future world, a post-apocalyptic landscape, and a massive exodus of humans from the Earth. Parallel is one of the games that are still in the process of fine-tuning. Yet, interested P2E fans can already try it out and test its core features. 

This Ethereum-based P2E product went through the alpha sale round in March 2021, raising $1.3 million for its further development. The card drop round occurred in August 2021, yielding an additional $1.3 million from card sales. 

Why is Parallel so popular? 

It’s all about the team and the concept art behind it. It’s well-known that the P2E market is still lagging far behind the mainstream gaming market in terms of graphics and animation. A beautifully designed artistic concept is a rare gem in the P2E industry. So, you’ll be thrilled to know that artists who worked on the visual concepts of Blizzard, EA, and Ubisoft are behind the Parallel concept art. 

Parallel’s cards are performed in the best sci-fi tradition, reminiscent of Interstellar images. Besides, the game offers an unusual tokenomic model, relying on the NFTs alone, without using tokens. 


#13 My Neighbor Alice 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Score: Score 6/10 based on 27 reviews
  • Website link: My Neighbor Alice
  • Telegram channel:

This game is a relatively new offering in the NFT P2E game market. It was released in January 2022 but quickly gained popularity among the masses. Its fun, appealing graphics, and a metaverse idea attract thousands of avid gamers wishing to build their new virtual homes and earn crypto assets. 

My Neighbor Alice’s popularity is partly explained by the fact that it welcomes even NFT rookies. It means that even if the crypto world, blockchain, and NFT terms mean nothing to you, you can still play and succeed. All you need is to buy some land and start engaging in farming, fishing, and beekeeping to collect rewards in the in-game token ALICE. Those who collect enough ALICE can stake it to earn passive income. 

My Neighbor Alice
My Neighbor Alice

#14 RaceFi 

  • Blockchain: Solana Blockchain
  • Score: Score 6/10 based on 26 reviews
  • Website link: RaceFi
  • Telegram channel:

Car racing has been an unpopular theme in P2E gaming thus far. But things are changing, and RaceFi is a good example that even car competitions can be adapted for exciting P2E gameplay. This game operates on a Solana ecosystem and is a one-of-a-kind game with AI/ML features. 

The game’s graphics are breathtaking, meeting the high standard of traditional car racing animation. The in-game P2E opportunities are also diverse; gamers can win crypto tokens by competing with other players on the racetracks, own garages and gas stations, and even buy land within the game for further rental. The in-game token is RACEFI.  


#15 Guild of Guardians 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Score: Score 6/10 based on 25 reviews
  • Website link: Guild of Guardians
  • Twitter:

Gamers love RPG games, and Guild of Guardians is one of the most awaited projects in the P2E market in this category so far. It has already collected over 130,000 active players on the waitlist, meaning its release will be hype. 

The in-game transactions can be done with the help of the GOG token. The storyline is a mystery to a large degree; all we know is that players will be invited to create guilds of fantasy guardians and compete for epic rewards in the game’s virtual world. 

Guild Of Guardians 
Guild of Guardians 

Is P2E Gaming Better than Traditional Gaming? 

As you can see, the NFT P2E market is rising quickly, with thousands of new players joining the community. The outbreak of COVID-19 and related social restrictions also contributed to the spread of P2E gaming, with millions of people locked in their homes and limited in their work opportunities. However, this gaming sector is yet to become mainstream; traditional mobile and desktop gaming still rule this #1 entertainment industry globally. With the gaming market expected to double from $200 billion to $400+ billion by 2030, P2E games are sure to contribute to that growth to a large degree. So, enjoy the trend, pick one of the games we’ve just discussed, and have a good time!  

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