NFTs of Arthur Hacked: More Than 20 NFT Lost

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Key Takeaways:

  • The NFTs of Arthur, founder of DeFiance Capital, was hacked.
  • The suspected reason was that the mobile hot wallet was attacked.
  • In the past three hours, more than 20 NFTs, including Azuki and CLONE X, were transferred to the hacker address.
Nfts Of Arthur Hacked: More Than 20 Nft Lost

A Twitter user named robbyhammz Tweeted and informed people that Arthur’s wallet has been hacked please do not bid or buy any of these NFTs from this address. His Tweet was reshared by Arthur on Twitter soon after he Tweeted it. Further Arthur Tweeted:

Soon after that Arthur Tweeted that “Well not sure what happened, need to take time to figure it out. Didn’t expect this to happen to me as well. Guess no more hot wallet usage then.”

According to Arthur’s further Tweets Threads, it’s a private key/seed phrase compromise since this little shit is still transferring some token out. The address he shared is 0xe47E8cD58c8E95F765e642d7dCB898f622ceFA83. He asked his followers and everyone else to blacklist this address. He said he is sure it’s not something due to his on-chain transaction at this point.

Arthur is a crypto Investor. He invests in DeFi & Web 3 Gaming. He is also an Azukizen
Collector and founder of DeFianceCapital. As of writing this, there is no official announcement about the hack by Azuki and CLONE X.

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