Mercenary Gold NFT Project Rugpull: Drains out More Than $760k

Mercenary Gold NFT project $MGOLD which was just launched a week ago and just after a week it has been rugged. It was having a loyal player base. Mercenary is a super-innovative play2earn economy on BSC. The deployer drained more than $760k. 

According to a new Twitter handle named Mercenary Golg Community, $MGOLD have just suffered a severe blow and their Twitter and Telegram group has been hacked. According to their Thread, they have suffered a great RugPull, but they will rise from the ashes, and we will show how strong they are.

Recently there have been 2 other NFT rugpull scams this month this is the third one. These rugpulls in NFT are raising alarms in the NFT community. Most of the rug pulls were associated with the Defi market now it has entered NFT platforms. 

A hacker managed to pull a Discord hack on Twitch founder’s NFT platform Fractal a few days ago, resulting in a $150K loss on debut. A fake Discord bot posing as an official fractal bot encouraged people to mint nearly 3333 NFTS for 1 Solana, resulting in nearly $600,000 in losses.

Chaahat Girdhar
Chaahat Girdhar

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