MBOX: Game Coin That Lets You Have Fun and Make Money at the Same Time

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MBOX is a crypto coin you need if you love playing games on the blockchain. MOBOX is a platform where you can have a blast playing games, collecting and trading NFTs, and making money by using DeFi features. MBOX is an ERC-20 coin that gives you access to all the awesome stuff on the platform.

How Did MBOX Come to Be?

MBOX was born in August 2021 as the baby of MOBOX. The platform was created by a team of game developers and blockchain geeks who wanted to create a new gaming experience that gives power to the players and creators. The team has worked on some fantastic games before, like Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, Saint Seiya Awakening, and The Walking Dead.

Profitability of MBOX

It is mainly used for various purposes on the MOBOX platform, such as:

  • In-game currency: MBOX can buy items, characters, lottery tickets, and other assets on the platform.
  • Governance: MBOX holders can vote on proposals and decisions that affect the platform’s development and direction.
  • Staking: MBOX holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards and access exclusive features and benefits on the platform.
  • Farming: MBOX holders can provide liquidity to pools and earn fees and rewards in return.
  • Burning: A portion of MBOX tokens are burned periodically to reduce supply and increase scarcity.

The profitability depends on several factors, such as the demand and supply of the token, the popularity and growth of the platform, the competition from other gaming platforms and projects, and the overall market sentiment.

Price Journey

MBOX started trading at around $0.4 in August 2021 and reached its all-time high of $15.68 on December 1, 2021. This represents a staggering increase of over 3800% in less than four months. The token’s price surge was driven by the growing interest and adoption of MOBOX and its games and the listing on major exchanges such as Binance, Bitrue, and Bitget.

However, Price has declined significantly since then and is currently trading at around $0.48 . The price drop can be attributed to several factors, such as the increase in supply due to more tokens being minted, the decrease in demand due to lower user activity and engagement, the competition from other gaming platforms and projects, and the overall market downturn.

Current Price Analysis of MBOX

MBOX currently has a market cap of $89.9 million. It has a circulating supply of 186.2 million tokens and a total supply of 370 million tokens. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $7.2 million and is listed on several exchanges, such as Binance, CoinW, Bitrue, Bitget, and Hotcoin Global. Let’s look at the chart for trend analysis:

Mbox: Game Coin That Lets You Have Fun And Make Money At The Same Time
It is up by 4% in 1 week. On daily timeframe level the price action is Forming out Bullish Harmonic Shark pattern level where the price action currently respecting out Daily Horizontal Support level
If the price action breaks down this level we can see further downwards movements Although all the EMA shows as an resistance levels

Future of MBOX

The future of MBOX depends mainly on the future of MOBOX and its community. The platform has attracted millions of players worldwide, especially from emerging markets where P2E gaming can provide a source of income. The platform also has a strong roadmap that includes new games, cross-chain compatibility, NFT marketplace, social network, and partnerships.

However, the platform faces scalability issues, regulatory uncertainty, technical glitches, and competition from other gaming platforms and projects. The success of MBOX will depend on how well MOBOX can address these challenges and maintain its user base and engagement.

It is an innovative token that uniquely bridges gaming and crypto. It offers players a way to earn money while having fun and owning their digital assets. However, it also comes with risks.

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