MatrixPort Review: Now Earn Crypto With 30% APY

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MatrixPort is a leading cryptocurrency exchange particularly famous for offering up to 30% APY on the USDC/ USDT pair through its savings account. Therefore, in this MatrixPort review, we’ll be taking you through all the major products of the platform and discuss how you can earn UPTO  30% APY.

ProductsEarn, Lending, Loan, OTC, Dual Currency, Smart Trend, Derivatives Trading, etc.
Maximum interest through EarnUPTO 30% APY on USDC/ USDT
Mobile appAndroid & iOS
SecurityFIPS 140-2 Level 3+ HSM
Trading OptionsSpot/ Leverage/ Derivatives
Fee StructureNetwork withdrawal Fees
Best ForTraders looking to earn a passive income on stablecoins
ProsOffers high-interest rate savings account,
Fee-free trading,
All the features of a trading platform.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • MatrixPort is primarily famous for its savings account. However, the platform offers various other products such as Zero commission spot trading, Crypto loans, UPTO 5x leverage trading, the option to buy crypto with debit/ credit card, etc.
  • The MatrixPort exchange functions through its mobile app only as the web version does not support any functionality.
  • The mobile app is user-friendly, and its UI is intuitive and fast.
  • MatrixPort Earn provides a way for every user to earn through investing money in different products. For instance, one of its product fixed income savings plans has an APY of 30%.
  • The platform also extends loans to individuals as well as institutions. In addition, it currently supports collateralized loans and zero-cost loans.
  • You can also pool your money in a number of distinguished investment products like Defi, Dual Currency, etc.
  • A non-principal protected investment product with a variable return is known as a Dual Currency Product.
  • Moving ahead, MatrixPort provides services like OTC, crypto lending, custodial, etc., to institutions.
  • All over the platform is safe and secure to use. Also, it does not charge any trading fees from its users and has decent customer support.

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What is MatrixPort?

As we discussed above, MatrixPort is a crypto exchange that provides a savings account with UPTO 30% APY. Furthermore, the platform offers crypto loans, earn, buying crypto with a bank wire or credit card, OTC services, institutional custody, lending, fixed income, derivatives trading, etc. Furthermore, the platform provides an easy-to-use interface with exceptional customer service. 

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MatrixPort Review: Trading options

MatrixPort offers a series of trading options like spot trading and leverage trading. We will discuss all of them below:

  • Spot Trading: Spot trading means placing orders to get immediate delivery of assets. Once your order in MatrixPort spot trading has been executed, you’ll receive the digital assets in your wallet and will be able to either withdraw them in external wallets or use them to earn interest on your Hodlings. Moreover, MatrixPort charges zero commission fees for all orders on spot trading. 
Matrixport Spot Trading
MatrixPort Spot Trading
  • Leverage Trading: You can use your capital as collateral to borrow funds and trade in leverage trading. On MatrixPort, you can leverage various crypto assets with up to 5x and one of the lowest interest rates in the market. It also supports products like Leverage bull and Leverage bear.
    • Leverage Bull: “Leveraged Bull” is a long-term leveraged investment product. This feature allows you to invest in digital assets, choose appropriate leverage, and take the “Leveraged Bull” position. As the BTC/USDC price climbs, you will make a maximum leveraged profit of 1.15 times, but you will also lose the exact multiple as the BTC/USDC price falls.
    • Leverage Bear: The “Leveraged Bear” is a buying short investment product. Furthermore, it allows you to take the “Leveraged Bear” position by investing in digital assets as principals and using proper leverage. As the BTC/USDC price falls, you will make a maximum leveraged profit of 1.13 times, while if it increases, you’re going to lose the same amount. For more information, click here.

MatrixPort App

MatrixPort supports mobile applications for both Android and iOS. The app is fast, and the app’s user interface and the web version are decent, straightforward, and intuitive. Furthermore, you get 30% APY (annualized fixed income) on fixed income assets as a welcome bonus by registering on the app. Besides this, you can also earn a 1288 USDC free trial coupon. Finally, as a new feature, the platform recently launched limit orders on the app.

Matrixport App
MatrixPort App

Products & Features

The trading platform also hosts a queue of productive and efficient crypto products with exciting features as mentioned below –

For individuals

MatrixPort Review: Earn 

You can easily earn interest through the MatrixPort Earn program through products like Flexi savings. Moreover, if you choose to invest in Fixed income, which ensures up to a 30% annual interest rate on USDC/ USDT, your funds are mainly invested in MatrixPort’s self-operated loans. You can read more about these loans from here.

Apart from this, the Flexi savings product has no limit amount. The interest rate is calculated after each purchase and is settled side-by-side on an hourly basis. Moreover, inside Smart Pool, you can invest your funds in hand-picked and standard quality Defi projects that will assist you in conducting liquidity mining. To learn more about the Earn products at MatrixPort, click here.

Matrixport Earn
MatrixPort Earn


The platform provides you collateralized loans on your crypto assets which you can exchange for stablecoins. You can then use these stablecoins for purchasing mining machines, paying electricity bills, etc. Furthermore, these loans are fast-paced and do not consume much of your time. Hence, now you can hold your crypto assets while using stablecoins to earn more. To understand MatrixPort loans better, click here.

Matrixport Loan
MatrixPort Loan

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MatrixPort Review: Invest

Just like Earn, MatrixPort Invest also has a series of sub-products where you can choose to invest. The first product is Dual currency, a short-term investment product with the possibility of bringing high returns. Other investment sources are Smart Trend, Sharkfin, and best-buy funds. You can read more about the same here

What is the Dual Currency product?

Dual Currency is a short-term investment product that has the potential to provide exceptionally significant returns. Furthermore, it is a non-principal protected investment product with a variable return.  The product’s yield is guaranteed at the time of purchase, but the currency in which it will be settled fluctuates based on how the Settlement Price compares to the Linked Price. 

Dual Currency Product
Dual Currency product

Defi Projects

You can also choose to invest in high-quality Defi Projects on MatrixPort Pro inside the MatrixPort app. All the products under Decentralized Finance have fixed annual percentage yield. Furthermore, there are several products under this category that invest your funds in different tenors, risk, and return to accomplish your wealth goals.

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MatrixPort Review: Smart Trend

You can also choose to invest through Smart Trend, in which your funds are invested in a diverse basket of products. It consists of debt, options, Defi mining, etc. The main focus of innovative trends is to maximize profits by grasping a diversified approach. Smart Bull and Smart Bear are sub-product under Smart Trend.

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For Institutions

MatrixPort also serves institutions for helping them in dealing with crypto services. Furthermore, it currently supports over 300+ institutions across the globe.

OTC Services

OTC or Over Counter services help in dealing with bulk crypto transactions. MatrixPort offers top-notch OTC services to its clients with low cost and excellent liquidity in significant crypto assets.

Matrixport Otc Services
MatrixPort OTC Services

Institutional custody

The exchange is in partnership with a third-party platform named Cactus Custody to provide institutional custodian services. Cactus is a powerful company based out in Hong Kong. It also provides empowering crypto management services.

MatrixPort Review: Lending

MatrixPort is one of the largest global crypto lenders, and hence, it extends stablecoins and loans to miners, funds, and trading firms. Moreover, it also supports zero-cost loans with a 0% interest rate and liquidation protection.

Matrixport Lending
MatrixPort Lending

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Structured Solutions 

The platform offers personalized, structured solutions to its institutional clients for maximizing their profits and mitigating the risk profile.

MatrixPort Review: Derivatives Trading

MatrixPort has partnered with through which you can leverage through trading in derivatives. For more information on any of the products, you can visit this page and get directly in touch with MatrixPort’s team. Furthermore, to learn more about futures trading, read our ultimate guide here.

Matrixport Derivatives Trading
MatrixPort Derivatives Trading

MatrixPort Fee structure

MatrixPort does not charge any trading fees. The withdrawal fees are also among the lowest in the market. Also, you get two free monthly withdrawals using the MatrixPort wallet. Moreover, there are no significant deposit fees charged by MatrixPort. For more information on fees, click here.

Matrixport Review: Now Earn Crypto With 30% Apy
MatrixPort Fee structure

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Is it safe to use? 

MatrixPort is a legit and fully secure trading platform. It uses mandatory 2-factor authentication with high-standard security algorithms to secure your data. Besides this, it uses the SDLC security process to ensure complete security to its users. Also, the private keys are always stored offline to avoid security breaches. Furthermore, the platform uses FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ HSM to provide extra security to your funds.

Matrixport Security
MatrixPort Security

Customer Support at MatrixPort

MatrixPort has a robust customer support setup as you can look for the solution either in the FAQs or blog section. Apart from this, in case of any severe issues, you can also submit a request specifying your problem with relevant screenshots or videos. Moreover, you can pen down your problem in the chat option on the official website of MatrixPort.

Customer Support At Matrixport
Customer Support at MatrixPort

MatrixPort Review: Pros & cons 

Pros Cons 
The platform charges no trading fees, and you also get two free withdrawals monthly.All the features can be used through the mobile app only as the website does not support it.
Varieties of products to generate a passive source of income like earn, loan, DeFi, etc.
The mobile application is user-friendly and easy to use.
It is safe and secure to use.
Provides free 1288 USDC as a registration bonus to test how it works.

MatrixPort Review: Conclusion

MatrixPort is one of the best crypto platforms in the industry. Furthermore, supports trading in spot and leverage of up to 5x. Apart from this, it has many crypto products built separately for institutions and individuals. All over, you can earn through MatrixPort in a number of different ways, including earn and loan. Both of these products have various sub-products like Flexi saving, fixed income, etc. 

Besides this, through MatrixPort, you can invest in different products such as Dual currency- which is one of its kind in the market, Smart Trend – provides a way to invest in a diversified range of crypto assets and so on. Also, the platform does not charge any trading fees from its users. Hence, MatrixPort is a fully secure and easy-to-use crypto trading platform. However, you must always do prior research and analysis before driving your funds into any crypto products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharkFin at MatrixPort?

SharkFin is also known as a knock-out option, a type of barrier option. Martrixport launched “SharkFin” structured wealth management products, which increase the “coefficient” and trigger barriers to grow user’s wealth, which is correlated to the actual performance of prices, in response to demand from senior investors for structured wealth management products that can reflect different levels of appreciation and provide different benefits.

What is the maximum fixed income I can earn at MatrixPort?

MatrixPort offers you to earn UPTO 30% APY on USDC/ USDT through a fixed income savings account.

How does MatrixPort ensure the safety of my investment?

MatrixPort has a comprehensive set of risk management programs. If any losses occur with the fixed income product’s underlying assets, the program will offer real-time alerts and stop losses as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to safeguarding our users’ best interests.

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