Bitcoin Maximalist’s “Toxic” Agenda triggers Lead Bitcoin Core Maintainer to Leave

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Key Takeaways:

  • Wladimir Van Der-Lead Bitcoin Core Maintainer states it is time to leave BTC for other things.
  • Recently, Bitcoin Maximalists are increasingly lashing out at BTC developers and crypto analysts who don’t follow their body of thought.

Bitcoin maximalists believe that Bitcoin (BTC) is the only digital asset that will be needed in the future. This belief would have held ground ten years back when BTC was the only major crypto. Now with Altcoins gaining popularity immensely and crypto investments becoming more normalized, a maximalist’s unwavering conviction that BTC is the only cryptocurrency worth caring about can lead to some rather unpleasant clash scenarios.

This is exactly what’s happening in the crypto world; toxic Maximalists are lashing out as they can’t even fathom the possibility of any other crypto other BTC investments becoming a norm. These public breakouts usually happen on Twitter, truly bringing out the toxicity in these self-described maximalists. This toxic attitude is now making Wladimir Van Der-Lead Bitcoin Core developer leave Bitcoin.

Many events in recent days have brought out the cult-like nature of the Maximalist group. One of them includes Venture capitalist/Crypto analyst Nic Carter announcing that his Castle Island Ventures has made an equity investment in a Dynamic start-up. Dynamic is a wallet-based platform with decentralized identity features.

This investment rubbed Maximalists the wrong way because Dynamic is multichain. Multichain presents the possibility of another crypto other than BTC becoming the standard norm. Nic Carter faced severe backlash from Toxic Maximlaits owing to this. He later put out a post stating that eh he was never a BTC maximalist. “From the very start, I’ve been a pluralist regarding blockchains,” he said.

This incident was only an example of how one of the earlier most influential bodies of thought in crypto is now evolving to be a rigid orthodoxy where their monogamous love for BTC leads to shallow performativity and senseless breakdowns on Twitter.

Following this and many similar incidents, Matt Corallo, who contributed to the Bitcoin Core, put out a Twitter Thread urging Bitcoiners to focus on talking about BTC and its positive aspects and drop the culture of attacking other projects not BTC.

Describing it as a narrative war, Corallo explained that Bitcoiners coming after Ethereum for the upcoming Merge, saying that proof-of-stake (PoS) will not work, will, in turn, push Ethereum proponents to lobby with regulators against Bitcoin with the same environmental angle. 

Now in August, Matt Corallo is getting called names and facing senseless accusations of “waging war against BTC”, when in reality, all he did was advise Maximalists to relax. Samson Mow, a prominent Maxi, is accusing Corallo of introducing an inflation bug into the Bitcoin codebase that he believed could have killed Bitcoin.

Under this tweet, Wladimir Van Der-Lead Bitcoin Core developer replied under this tweet, frustrated at Maximalist’s baseless outbursts. “This is low; everyone makes mistakes; a bug is as much the fault of others for not catching it in review, and anyhow, why to bring this up now ?!?” he replied.

Following this, he tweeted that it was time for him to move on to things other than BTC. The Maxis’ unnecessary breakdowns and lash-outs at BTC core developers are wearing the entirety of the Bitcoin community down. If Maxis’ don’t rethink its us-versus-them culture, more core developers will bid farewell to BTC in the coming days.

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Saniya Raahath
Saniya Raahath

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