Justin Bieber Gets a Bored APE Yacht Club NFT for 500 ETH

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Key Takeaways:

  • Justin Bieber purchased Bored APE yacht club NFT for 500ETH.
  • The non-fungible token is befitted by OpenSea account.
  • Bieber has an NFT as his profile picture.
  • The APE might be sponsored by GianPiero.

A Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT bought for $1.3 million on Saturday from the well-known pop-star Justin Bieber. The non-fungible token is befitted via means of an OpenSea account known as Justin Bieber NFTs, believed to be owned by Justin Bieber.

However, the account is the proprietor of numerous in Betweeners NFTs. The 500 ETH buy fee turned into the seventh-highest bid paid for a Bored Ape, in line with OpenSea.

OpenSea is one of the main NFT marketplaces that offers a platform for creators to listing their NFTs on the market and traders or creditors to select from its unfathomable collection. Based at the Ethereum blockchain, OpenSea is an NFT platform that gives a easy and secured buying and selling experience.

The OpenSea account owns over one hundred NFTs, together with latest purchases of famous NFT tasks which includes Doodles, CloneX and World of Women. A World of Women NFT turned into bought for sixteen ETH Saturday. 

Prior to his buy, Bored Ape exceeded a  value of 100  ETH on Saturday. Bieber has a non fungible token as his Display profile picture, and converting it to his recently bought Bored Ape now. Hence this will also spark a fire in promoting the NFT collection in the world of cryptocurrency. 

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