Jared Grey-SushiSwap’s new CEO gets swamped with scam allegations

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Key Takeaways

  • Grey faces accusation of stealing funds from the crypto community in 2019 from a project titled ALQO
  • He allegedly introduced a wallet called Liberio to steal 70% of the total supply.
  • Grey dismissed the allegation as 100% untrue.

Jared Grey, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of SushiSwap has now been swamped with accusations of varying ranges. Grey is now facing accusations of stealing funds from the crypto community in 2019 from a project titled ALQO. The allegations state that Grey introduced the wallet Liberio to steal 70% of the total supply.

He is further accused of relabelling ALQO to EONS in 2020 and moving from his own Blockchain to ETH ERC-20 to kill all traces back to ALQO allegedly. Jared Grey has, however, dismissed the allegations deeming them 100% untrue.

In his Twitter thread, he claims that in 2019 it was his business partner who stole funds from the crypto community while Grey was busy raising funds to launch the Bitfineon exchange. “The investors & I found out, fired him, and refunded the affected users.”, the tweet reads. He also linked a medium blog post by EONS finance from 2019 in which Kevin Collmer was identified as the real scammer.

“Time and time again, lead developer Kevin Collmer stalled or outright declined requests to make the source code available. He cited a competitive advantage as the primary purpose of maintaining closed source code”, the 2019 blog post reads.

The blog post adds that the then CEO, Jared Grey, pressed Kevin to provide the public with a comprehensive overview of the platform, with its architecture detailed in a series of technical articles, and also to make the Liberio code open source, which he failed to do.

Jared Grey, in his latest response to the allegations, notes that he has always operated with integrity in the crypto space. “I have always operated with integrity in this space; you can reach out to anyone I’ve worked with directly over the years. I’ve had business failures, which CT likes to scrutinize, and I’m OK with that because it comes with the territory.”

On top of the financial allegations, Grey is also accused of assaulting a horse. Following this accusation, there was a new meme token called HORSHE was created, whose value spiked as much as 6,000% over the past few hours.

As soon as the accusations became a talking point in the crypto community, SUSHI-the native token for SushiSwap, started plummeting to new lows. The token fell over 10% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $1.22.

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