gumi Cryptos Capital Secures $110 Million Fund to Invest in Early-Stage Startups 

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Key Takeaways:

  • gumi Cryptos Capital raised $110 million in second-round funding. 
  • It is planning to invest in almost 50 companies.

With new companies stepping foot into the crypto world every day, news regarding multi-year partnerships and million-dollar fundraising is circling the internet. On 29th March, gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC), the venture capital firm, announced the securing of $110 million in funding. 

During the first round of funding (Fund I) of the firm, it raised funding for 36 companies and projects, including the OpenSea seed round, Celsius Network, and 1inch. After this round, the asset value of the company raised $21 million to $516 million. 

The Blockchain-focused firm invests in early-stage startups, and its second round of funding (Fund II) is to fund projects related to DeFi, gaming, DAOs, and others. It plans to invest $500,000 and $5 million in some 50 blockchain startups worldwide. 

The managing partner of gCC, Rui Zhang, said, “We’re looking for exceptional ‘gumicorn’ founders in advanced sub-sectors that have the potential to be sector leaders and disrupt global industries. “Our approach for this fund will be ‘thinking ahead.”

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