Greenidge Generation Announced a $264 Million Data Centre in South Carolina

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Key Takeaways:

  • Greenidge Generation announced a $264 million data centre in South Carolina.
  • The first phase is to be open by the end of this year
  • The expansion is further planned until 2025.
  • The announcement is considered to be a sign of the region’s ability to attract technology businesses by the officials.

Greenidge Generation Holdings made an official announcement that it will spend $264 million to construct a data centre in South Carolina for crypto mining. In addition, the company highlights its 100% carbon neutral operations commitments around the globe.

However, they expect the first phase to open later this year, whereas the expansion and implementation will go on the floor by 2025. Greenidge says the data centre will create 40 jobs in the tech field. Perhaps the amount payable for the various posts has not been fixed yet. 

Cryptocurrency mining is a business that relies on energy sources and electricity, and Hence, it uses computers running now and then specifically to carry out . Also, Greenidge deliberated the initial energy mix, which they clarified already on the Tuesday announcement.

Greenidge has its power plant for the respective server in New York. So they are pretty much offsetting their footprints on carbon emission tacts. The company said in its announcement that the Spartanburg site will have a 60% carbon-free energy mix and that it’s committed to eventually becoming carbon-neutral.

This is an essential and important step in Greenidge’s strategy to build upon our unique expertise at new locations across the country,” Greenidge CEO Jeff Kirt said.

“This is a significant step in Greenidge’s strategy to build upon our unique expertise at new locations across the country. The site is ideal, with an energy mix of more than 60% carbon-free, opportunities for additional growth and a business-friendly climate. We’re excited to hire great, local talent immediately and support nearby businesses as we grow our company here in South Carolina.” – Greenidge Chief Executive Officer Jeff Kirt.

Officials in South Carolina said the announcement might be giving hints to attract the people of the tech world around the globe to grow business. “This kind of technology-fueled investment fits perfectly with our aim to diversify the types of developments, and therefore the types of jobs, we attract to Spartanburg County,” said Spartanburg County Council Chair Manning Lynch.“We welcome the Greenridge Generation and look forward to the impact they’ll have on the growing eastern side of Spartanburg County,” confirmed Alex Clark, a spokesperson from the Department of Commerce.

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