Google Cloud is now a Solana validator

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Key Takeaways:

  • Solana will become a member of the Google Cloud network and be incorporated into a variety of Google Cloud services and products.
  • The business will operate a block-generating Solana validator that enables it to take part in and validate the Solana network.

Solana and Google Cloud have officially confirmed a revolutionary alliance. One of the biggest cloud companies in the world will join the Solana network and incorporate Solana into a variety of its services and offerings.

Along with joining the Solana ecosystem as a validator, Google Cloud has been working with Solana to integrate its Blockchain Node Engine. The Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine is a fully managed node-hosting service that does away with the need for difficult node operations. Initially, the service only provided turnkey node hosting for Ethereum and its growing developer ecosystem.

On the back of the news, Solana (SOL) gained 12% and traded for around $36.80.

The Solana chain will get Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine in 2023 in addition to having a Solana validator “to participate in and validate the network,” according to a thread on Twitter. The provider’s “fully-managed node hosting service,” called the Blockchain Node Engine, already works with the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, Google posted a wakeup call that Google Cloud will soon start accepting cryptocurrency payments through CommerceCB, giving customers more payment options for Google Cloud services.

Google would open up the network to a larger audience by integrating Solana.

To enable the Solana developer ecosystem to obtain historical data, Google Cloud announced that it would index Solana data. The vast database of the Solana blockchain can be quickly and effectively enquired using the processing power of Google’s enormous infrastructure owing to the data warehouse provided by Google Cloud.

Up to $100,000 in Cloud Credits are available for applicants as part of Google Cloud’s credits programme, which will be available to “select startups in the Solana ecosystem.”

People weren’t all that excited about Google’s plan to host Solana nodes in the cloud, though. It’s not a good thing. Increasing centralization On Twitter, a thread about the Google Cloud announcement received some criticism for having “the opposite argument of crypto,” as one user put it.

The critic’s response was echoed by another person, who responded: Crypto went full censored in 2017. Because they increase numbers, people now celebrate centralised and custodial services. Netizens are talking about the fact that the desire for wealth has largely been replaced of the pursuit of self-governing, decentralised money for the world.

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