Google Cloud collaborates with Tezos Network to develop Web3 tech

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Key Takeaways:

  • Corporate clients of the tech giant will be able to set up Tezos nodes and create Web3 apps on the network.
  • The partnership will enable Google Cloud to begin operating as a verifier on the Tezos network.

By serving as a network validator on the Tezos blockchain due to a new collaboration, Google’s cloud computing division will be able to increase the scope of its Web3 toolkit.

The Tezos Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland that supports the Tezos blockchain, declared on February 22 that it had partnered with Google Cloud to enable users of the cloud computing service to install Tezos nodes and create Web3 applications on the blockchain.

Like Ethereum, Cardano, and other blockchain-based smart contract platforms, Tezos powers decentralized apps. Two organizations that have embraced Tezos are industry leaders in the gaming sector, Ubisoft and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

This partnership will make it possible for companies and developers to host and deploy RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes for Web3 applications using the Tezos blockchain and Google Cloud infrastructure. The notification read:

“Tezos will offer Google Cloud customers that are interested in building Web3 applications, easy deployment of nodes and indexers on the Tezos protocol.”

A select group of Tezos incubator startups will also receive mentorship and Google Cloud credits through collaboration through the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

“At Google Cloud, we’re providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications,” said James Tromans, Engineering Director, Web3 at Google Cloud.

The partnership, according to Mason Edwards, the chief commercial officer of the Tezos Foundation, is a move towards institutional acceptance and mass-market prospects for Web3 technology.

In January 2022, Google Cloud established a team focused on digital assets intending to foster the expansion and development of the blockchain environment. The team’s main goal was to help Google Cloud users create, trade, store, and release new goods on blockchain-based platforms.

Such integrations show how seriously tech behemoths are treating blockchain and Web3 initiatives. They might give other companies interested in entering the market confidence that they can do so by utilizing infrastructure with the size and resilience offered by companies like Google.

Google Cloud has previously referred to the connection between hacked accounts used to mine cryptocurrencies and malicious players, indicating the company is aware of the particular security risks associated with the digital asset sector.

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