GoFundMe Terminates Tornado Cash Legal Fundraising

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Key Takeaways:

  • GoFundMe cancels fundraiser for founders of Tornado Cash amid US charges.
  • GoFundMe cites terms violation highlighting a potential risk of harm exposure to the platform

In a recent development, GoFundMe has halted a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting Roman Storm and Alexey Pertsev, the individuals behind the controversial cryptocurrency mixer, Tornado Cash. 

The campaign sought funds for their legal defense against charges of money laundering and sanctions violations in the United States.

Despite garnering significant support, the campaign was terminated by GoFundMe for violating its terms of service, specifically citing concerns about potential harm or liability. Gofundme Terminates Tornado Cash Legal Fundraising


Donors, including Ryan Adams of Bankless Ventures, have been assured refunds, with Adams opting to redirect his donation back to Storm via cryptocurrency.

Although the fundraiser was cut short, it managed to amass $30,000 of its $1.5 million goal for legal expenses. Subsequently, fundraising efforts have shifted to JuiceBox, a cryptocurrency funding platform, where 316.75 Ether has been accumulated.

The decision to cancel the fundraiser has sparked discussions within the Tornado Cash community, highlighting inconsistencies in GoFundMe’s policy enforcement. 

Storm and Pertsev are facing multiple federal charges, including conspiracy to commit money laundering and operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business, while maintaining their innocence.

Roman Storm, released on a $2 million bond, awaits trial in specific U.S. states. Tornado Cash co-founders Roman Semenov and Roman Storm were indicted in August for alleged involvement with a North Korean hacking group linked to the government, leading to charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and sanctions violations.

These legal challenges arise following the U.S. Treasury’s ban on Tornado Cash, alleging its support for North Korea, and the SEC’s claims that it facilitated activities of the infamous Lazarus Group to bypass U.S. sanctions.

 Pertsev, arrested in the Netherlands in 2022 on money laundering charges, awaits trial after being released from prison.

The termination of the GoFundMe campaign underscores the ongoing legal battles and regulatory scrutiny surrounding cryptocurrency projects like Tornado Cash, highlighting the need for robust compliance measures within the industry.

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