Gemini Announces Meditation Agreement with Genesis and Creditors’ Committee

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Key takeaways:

  • Genesis begins a 30-day mediation with its significant creditors as its bankruptcy proceedings approach the four-month mark.
  • DCG supports the idea, while the UCC opposes the restructuring agreement because it wants better terms.

In an effort to move forward with a final restructuring plan, crypto lender Genesis and its major creditors have agreed to a 30-day mediation procedure, although one company has expressed “frustration” about the pace of the process.

Genesis, its parent firm Digital Currency Group (DCG), its Unsecured Creditors Committee (UCC), and Gemini agreed to a 30-day mediation procedure in court on April 28, according to a tweet from Gemini on May 1. 

Gemini stated that it was “supportive” of mediation and that its goal is to “drive to a final resolution as soon as possible.” However, Gemini added that it had “expressed frustration” with the parties’ slow progress and the requirement for urgency.

The planned bankruptcy exit plan, which was submitted in February and anticipated that creditors would recoup 80% of their losses, will now move forward in mediation. DCG supports the idea, while the UCC opposes the restructuring agreement because it wants better terms.

The following bankruptcy court appearance for Genesis is set for May 4. Genesis expects to hold two mediation sessions before May 8, according to attorney Sean O’Neal, who stated as much in court on April 30. Following the mediation time, the final terms of the agreement will be made public.

Genesis and the UCC will need to choose a mediator. Potential mediators have already begun to be contacted, according to O’Neal, and the court will be informed of the procedure once one has been chosen.

Due to the ongoing dispute, users are unable to access their funds, which has harmed Gemini’s reputation. The mediation procedure is crucial to concluding the bankruptcy plan, and DCG runs the risk of defaulting if it cannot pay or restructure its debt.

Gemini is attempting to find a resolution as quickly as possible and is hopeful that the mediation process will provide a favorable result. The cryptocurrency business needs more governmental monitoring to protect investors and provide market stability, highlighted by the continuing conflict.

Genesis estimated its liabilities to be between $1 billion and $10 billion, and it estimated its assets to be in the same ballpark when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a New York District Court in January. The crypto lender was one of several businesses affected by liquidity problems after FTX’s demise.

Gemini said on April 21 that a platform for derivatives would soon be introduced outside of the United States. The action is being conducted in the middle of a tight regulatory environment and getting more ambiguous across the nation. 

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