FTX creditor list includes Apple, Netflix, Coinbase : Report

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Key Takeaways:

  •  FTX ultimately disclosed the full list of its creditors, but did not include the identities of roughly 9.6 million users due to a court injunction.
  • The presence of a corporation on the list does not indicate that it had a trading account with FTX.

The list of creditors for the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX includes renowned names of the industry like Netflix, Coinbase, Binance, and Apple as well as governmental entities, nonprofit organisations, media outlets, small enterprises, etc.

On January 25, FTX eventually disclosed the full list of its creditors, but did not include the identities of roughly 9.6 million users due to a court injunction.

Millions of creditors, including U.S. and foreign governments, law firms, banks, media outlets, charitable foundations, marketing businesses, and more, are owed money by the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange.

Although it’s important to remember that just because a corporation is on the list doesn’t guarantee that it has a trading account with FTX.

Amid a bank run on the exchange in November, FTX, a former well known player in the cryptocurrency sector, crumbled. After a fruitless, steady attempt to sell the business to its main rival, Binance, the liquidity squeeze compelled FTX to declare that customer assets were not completely supported.

After its bankruptcy, the most popular exchange in the world lost credibility. The situation only worsened when S.B.F. was apprehended in the Bahamas after receiving official notice from the United States that it had charged him with a crime and would probably ask for his extradition.

FTX’s creditors include media companies like Bloomberg Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Coindesk, Benzinga, and Condé Nast. The amount owing to each creditor is not disclosed in the records, though.

The most well-known cryptocurrency-related companies on FTX’s list of creditors include Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, Circle, a company that issues USDC, and Binance Capital Management. The bankrupt company also owes money to Bitgo Prime, Polygon Network, and the cryptocurrency exchange AAX.

Notably, FTX owes money to a number of cryptocurrency companies that declared bankruptcy both before and after its failure.

Talking about other bankruptcies that claimed significant exposure to FTX, Blockfi and genesis stand prominent in this context. 

The paper also includes a list of venture capital companies including Blackrock and Sequoia Capital as well as banks like Silvergate Bank, CitiGroup, and Wells Fargo.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), tax divisions of U.S. state agencies, the Ministry of Finance of the Bahamas, as well as governments in Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan are some of the creditors of FTX.

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