FTM Price Analysis April 2022

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FTM is a token of platform Fantom. Its current price is approximately $1.59, it had the lowest point of about $0.1533, and its market cap is roughly 4 billion US Dollars. Fantom announced a new incentive program for their ecosystem that the Fantom Foundation, in collaboration with Gitcoin Grants.

What is Fantom?

On the Fantom system, users can generate their digital coin or cryptocurrency, which is abbreviated as FTM. The reason for this is to provide them with a native way of payment on speedier blockchain networks. Furthermore, each blockchain network can have its own token and rules on how transactions are made.

Fantom is a high-performance blockchain that can process thousands of transactions per second and can scale to thousands of nodes. Fantom has been developed to be EVM compliant. It aims to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure for smart contract development and execution. With Fantom, developers can run their Ethereum dApps on the Fantom blockchain.

What is FTM?

FTM is the native currency of the Fantom platform. It costs around $1.59 at the time of writing and has a low point of $0.1533. The token’s current ranking is #42 according to CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of 4 billion dollars.

FTM reached a high of $3.48, with a low of $0.1533. FTM runs on a distributed ledger-based on a system wide graph, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Web3JS. It is a good investment in 2022, and it’s likely to increase in value over the long term.

FTM Coin Market Analysis 

FTM has a max supply of coins worth around $1.59 each with a market volume of 1 billion dollars, whereas the market capitalization is 4 billion dollars at writing. 

The Fantom Foundation announced their FTM (Fantom Token) incentive program, which will provide $335M FTM in funding. They are also detailing the objectives they hope to accomplish with this program. One of their goals is to grow the variety of Fantom projects, including DeFi, gaming, NFTs, education, and more.

FTM Price Prediction

Those who believe in Fantom can hold on to their coins and feel confident that they’ll be secured with a high market valuation in the long term. On the 1D timeframe, $FTM/USDT broke the resistance trend line and is again on the previous resistance zone. Once broken, we might expect a good move upside.

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FTM Charts April 2022
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Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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