Ethereum’s Shapella Upgrade gets new date to Deploy on Sepolia Testnet

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tim Beiko stated that the Shapella upgrade is planned for February 28.
  • Only the Sepolia network will receive the upgrade; a later upgrade for the Goerli network will be available in March.

Tim Beiko, a core Ethereum developer, stated that the Shapella (Shanghai/Capella) upgrade is planned for February 28. On the Sepolia network, the Shapella network update will go into effect at epoch 56832.

The names of the impending Ethereum hard fork are Shanghai and Capella. On the client side of the execution layer, the fork is known as Shanghai, and Capella is the name of the update on the client side of the consensus layer. 

Full and partial withdrawals for validators and an independent state and block historical accumulators, which replace the initial singular historical roots, are significant modifications to the consensus layer.

Validators can take Ether rewards worth more than 32 Ether and continue validating if they make a partial withdrawal. In addition, validators can completely exit and take all 32 Ether and rewards if they want to withdraw and stop working.

Warm Coinbase and Beacon chain push withdrawals are some of the most significant Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) modifications on the execution layer. The push withdrawals will allow validator withdrawals via a new “system-level” transaction type from the beacon chain to the EVM. On the other hand, WARM Coinbase might alter the game by lowering network fees for some of the vital network users known as builders.

Builders use this software, Coinbase, to get new tokens on the network. Every new transaction on the platform requires numerous interactions with the Coinbase software. The fees increase during the first interaction while the software “warms up,” and they decrease as the number of interactions rises. However, with the implementation of EIP-3651, the Coinbase software will start warm, necessitating a lower gas charge.

Partial withdrawal means validators can withdraw Ether rewards over 32 Ether and keep validating. However, if they want a complete withdrawal, validators can fully exit, take all 32 Ether and rewards, and stop doing the work.

An upgrade will enable validators to move their staked ETH from the Beacon Chain to the execution layer. It would also change the consensus layer and execution layer, introducing new features and making it a crucial upgrade after The Merge.

The release of the Shanghai upgrade on the Ethereum Goerli test network, which is anticipated to start in March, would come after the implementation of the Sepolia upgrade.

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