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Every trader with some skin in the game has experienced the impact of emotions and psychology on execution. It’s very tough to develop the discipline to stick to your trading plan when the markets get hectic. Fear or greed? Most of us know how overpowering and triggering they can be. 

The good news is that trading automation is meant to solve this, but not all trading automation is created equal, and not all trading strategies should be automated. Look for a tool that helps you work on your strategy, identify the winners, and can execute well.  In this article, we will review has what it takes to do it all with an abundance of data available, millions of ways to combine it, unrivaled backtesting capabilities, and ease of use. 

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Features lets you build flexible strategies that would typically take a lot of programming through simple typing, backtest them across several asset categories, and run live strategies on your live crypto account.  

Here is a list of available features in

  • Create trading strategies using plenty of data and custom parameters
  • Backtest trading strategies for crypto, forex, and equities with plenty of analysis data
  • Use simultaneous Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Automate crypto strategies (crypto trading bots) on the exchange of your choice
  • Paper trade to test out strategies in the current condition of the market
  • Free access to some profitable strategies Strategies Review strategies Review

Pros and Cons

  • What sets aside is the ability to create flexible trading strategies, build your crypto bots, and put them to test straight away.
  • Technical indicators, candlestick patterns, crypto market caps, % volume, and price changes are all available out of the box. Review - Trading Automation Made Simple crypto bot creation review
  • Editing strategies is straightforward by having the option of creating new versions of the strategy before they are deployed as crypto bots.
  • It has a user-friendly backtesting tool for crypto trading strategies, where any user can test up to 10 strategies for free.
  • Traders that are new to automation can benefit from free strategies that are available free of charge. These strategies can be further edited, backtested, and even implemented on one’s portfolio within the platform.
  • Ready to help customer success, representatives offer free onboarding calls. is still in Beta, and some much-anticipated features are yet to be added to the platform:

  • Leveraged trading is one of the most requested features and is on the roadmap.
  • The marketplace is another major missing piece. With so much data available, it will be fascinating to see what kind of strategies the community will come up with. 

How it Works

Once you have registered for the free account you get an email with various options for you to get used to the features of, its portfolio page, and strategy builder.  

Additionally, you can request for an onboarding call to go through the platform with one of the Success managers and develop a better understanding of the platform. You can also browse through the helpdesk documentation at any time.

As soon as you create an account, you can start building your strategies through simple typing.

Anything from candlestick patterns to technical indicators, volume, and price movements to crypto fundamentals at your disposal. 

Creating a strategy like “Buy when ETH when BTC price is up by 2% in the last day, and Alts Market Cap is up by 3% in the last 3 days” takes 2 minutes. Review - Trading Automation Made Simple
Creating a trading strategy

All strategies are backtested on historical data with a single click. Once you are happy with the results, another click will have you trading your winning strategy on the exchange of your choice.

Comparison with other products

Crypto bots and tools for trading automation are quite common, yet even the most popular ones lack transparency or require coding. What makes fundamentally different is that the strategy is the cornerstone of the platform, it is well suited for traders that seek transparency in their crypto bots and/or that want to build and put their bots to test. You always know what you’re trading.

The backtesting tool deserves a special mention as the easiest to operate and most insightful in crypto space. is the only platform that empowers traders by providing the ultimate testing environment and encouraging them to improve trading skills rather than blindly giving out questionable signals. Review - Trading Automation Made Simple backtesting review

To ensure accuracy for all trading decisions, you make provides data from top banks and financial institutions, unlike many other platforms.

User Experience does not require a degree in Computer Science or prior coding knowledge to operate. A Strategy can be produced by simple typing, and the interface is intuitive and clean. That strategy can be deployed as a crypto bot with a single click. 

Also, there is a choice of free ready-to-use strategies for beginner traders. Customer support is also active and ready to help with any questions.

Performance and Security does not store your funds; instead, your balance remains with the exchange of your choice. Besides, the bot has restricted access to your account through the API keys that your exchange generates.

The bot can only execute trade but cannot order withdrawal or deposit of funds into your account. uses bank-level-to-bank-level encryption to keep your data safe and sound.


· Free Plan – €0

· Starter – € 49/month

· Trader – €149/month

· Trader Pro – €249/month


Most experienced traders want to automate their strategies, and has what it takes to become their go-to tool.

If the idea of becoming better at trading, developing strategies, and testing them, using a wealth of indicators, candlesticks, other assets, or price action fits your plan, is a good fit for you.

Let us know what you think about our review in the comment section.

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