Cafe Starts Serving Crypto Advice With Coffee And Cake: Doubles its Customers

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An exciting story has been surfacing the internet related to crypto. A cafe in Northeast Thailand has become a hub for crypto traders. The Bitcoin logo has been spotted at this cafe with dozens of screens displaying the latest trends and prices for several digital currencies. 

Along with a calm exterior of cherry blossoms, the HIP Coffee & Restaurant also offer investment advice along with coffee and cakes. Cryptocurrency has been gaining a consistent boost in Thailand. According to data from November, almost 250 billion baht worth of digital currency was traded. However, the country’s government also announced plans to regulate the use of these assets for payments. It has also issued warnings of possible risks to its financial stability and economic strength. 

The Story of The Cafe 

The HIP cafe, established in 2013, got its crypto makeover in 2020. Detnarong Satianphut, a customer of the cafe and a 35-year-old crypto trader, said, “It’s exciting for me to be here because I get to meet people who share the same interests.” He also says that crypto-traders face millions of people, and the cafe is an excellent place to meet crypto enthusiasts for exchange information. 

Director Oakkharawat Yongsakuljinda said that the cafe provides alternative investment chances for the people in the neighbourhood. It also gives no-cost investment advice and plans to start its cryptocurrency coin. The visitors of the cafe has frequented after the makeover, and customers say that trading in the cafe provides them with the best chance of achievement in the unpredictable crypto market. 

One of the customers, a 23-year old trader, has said, “Having so many screens helps a lot…We immediately know and analyse crash factors and whether we should buy.”

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