Budweiser Partners with Virtual Horse Racing Game Zed Run to issue NFT’s

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Key Takeaways

  • The partnership involves the creation of a Budweiser-themed race track, and Budweiser NFT passes.
  • The number of Budweiser pass NFTs to be up for sale is around 2,500.

Leading beer manufacturer Budweiser has partnered with Zed Run to deploy tokenized Clydesdale draught horses in its virtual NFT-based horse racing game. Zed Run is a digital race horse game built on blockchain technology.

As part of the collaboration, the duo will launch a Budweiser-themed race track, Budweiser NFT passes, prize pools for Bud-sponsored virtual horse races starting, and three tiers of airdropped Clydesdale NFT skins that are usable in Zed Run. The number of Budweiser pass NFT’s reported to be issued is around 2,500, and they will be made available for sale for users aged above 21 total for a maximum of 24 hours starting on June 10.

The NFTs will cost USD 225 a pop plus gas fees. Holder’s of the NFTs will be airdropped Cyldesdale skins NFTs that can be beneficial to spice up its existing racehorse NFTs from the game. NFT users will also be receiving Budweiser t-shirt wearables that avatars can wear in the Decentraland Metaverse, where Zed Run’s virtual headquarters is based.

As part of the partnership, Budweiser and Zed Run will also be launching three different versions of the horse racing skins NFT in varying quantities which include the 1,600 Classic Clydesdales, 800 Bud Bottle Clydesdales, and 100 Gold Clydesdales. Users who burns their Budweiser pass NFT after the race completion is also expected to be rewarded. Zed Run will be hosting two Budweiser Racing Challenges in July and September, which both have prize pools of USD 45,000

This is not, however Budweiser’s first foray into digital assets. The popular American-style pale lager purchased an NFT in 2021 crafted by Tom Sachs called “Life of the Party.” Budweiser further also acquired the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain called “beer. eth” for sound USD 96,000 in August last year. The company in 2021 also announced the release of a collection of 1,936 Bud-themed NFTs.

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Saniya Raahath
Saniya Raahath

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