BSV Global Blockchain Convention Dubai 2022 Completes Day 1

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Key Takeaways

  • The 3-day convention from May 24-26 is being held at Grand Hyatt in Dubai.
  • The theme of the three-day event is all the good that the BSV blockchain can do in the world.
  • The convention will have nearly 50 speakers and around 2000 plus attendees.

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is being held at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai, from May 24 to 26, 2022. The major theme of the three-day event is all the good that the BSV blockchain can do in the world. The convention host and founding president of BSV, Jimmy Nguyen, opened the event by delivering a speech explaining the status quo of the digital asset market, listing off everything that is wrong with it.

“We are here today to help start the conversation here at a higher level of how to build a world of blockchain that is better. And that starts with going back to the beginning to what birthed this industry, the creation of Bitcoin. But not the Bitcoin you think about, BTC, which is really not Bitcoin anymore,” Nguyen in his opening speech said.

Nguyen adds that they are educating the masses about the power of the Bitcoin network at scale with BSV. “So, if there is 1 thing you leave this convention understanding is that Bitcoin in the form of BSV is more than a speculative investment asset. Think of Bitcoin as an entire data system that will change the world for good,” he said.

Currently, the BSV Blockchain is processing 10 million transactions a day at 4GB blocks and a throughput of 50,000 to 100,000 transactions per second, with average fees of 1/100 to 1/20 of a cent per transaction. The speaker also focused on the importance of why limitless scaling is needed in improving the world’s digital infrastructure. He states that as the BSV Blockchain scales, terabyte-sized blocks and millions of TPS at fees of 1/1,000 of a cent per transaction will be made possible in the future. 

The three-day event is being broadcasted live for everyone around the world to watch for free. In the first day, Buzzmint announced a digital twin of a Renoir painting at auction. Buzzmint is a company that works towards enabling brands to create Tokens easily.Gate2Chain, during the event also announced its plans to make blockchain integration for businesses more accessible. Many of the speakers showcased real-world blockchain solutions that can help Bitcoin in creating a better world. The event is happening amidst price volatility, high transaction fees, and network crashes in the crypto market ecosystem. 

The second day of the event will focus on the intersection of blockchain technology with the entertainment, financial services, and IoT industries. The organizers state that BSV Global Blockchain Convention’s main goal is to awaken businesses and individuals to the fact that there exists a scalable blockchain that is useful because it is honest, efficient, and practical. The BSV Global Blockchain Convention also claims that it is the only event in the whole world that focuses solely on the massively scaling public blockchain ecosystem. The company website also states that participants will have the privilege of witnessing ‘Astounding Exhibitors,’’ Incredible Innovation,’ to enjoy ‘Extensive Reach’ and Engage in ‘Extraordinary Networking.’

The event has a key lineup of nearly 50 eminent personalities as speakers, including Adam King, Alex Agut, Jerry Chan, Ajaypal Pama, and Chad Anderson, among others. The agenda for the 3-day event includes discussions on various topics such as ‘Virtual Events & Blockchain,’ Metaverse, NFTs & Blockchain, Better Invoice Management with Blockchain, The Future of Digital Asset Exchanges & Investment, Tokenizing Assets & Securities on Blockchain, ESG Compliance & Blockchain among others. The past conferences were held in New York in October and Zurich in June 2021.

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Saniya Raahath
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