Blockfi user data leaked in a Hubspot Security Breach

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Key Takeaways: 

  • An unregulated third-party obtained access to BlockFi’s client information via Hubspot.
  • BlockFi assures that its systems and funds have not been affected. 

After Coinbase was alleged to sell unregulated securities, crypto users have been alarmed. In addition, scams and security breaches have been causing trouble to the market almost every day. For example, on March 18, BlockFi reported that they had been informed about a “data incident” at one of their third-party vendors called Hubspot. 

Hubspot is a marketing platform that helps small business owners. Recently, it noticed that an unauthorized third-party acquired access to some data of BlockFi’s clients available on the former’s platform. 

Customers panicked as they wanted to know the type of information that was compromised. However, BlockFi confirmed that its internal systems and funds of the client are protected and have not been affected by the breach. They have also requested their clients not to initiate any action on their respective accounts at the amount. 

The crypto exchange platform, BlockFi has assured its clients that their account passwords, government ID numbers, and social security numbers are also safe as they were never uploaded on Hubspot. BlockFi provided only their name, email ids, and phone numbers. 

To further ensure client protection, BlockFi has asked its clients to follow a few rules from their end. For example, clients have been asked to use strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and turn on the allow listing for BlockFi. 

The crypto exchange platform has expressed its understanding of the frustration of their customers and have asked them to be extra careful regarding scams. In addition, BlockFi has asked its clients not to communicate with any external channel other than its typical route. 

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