BitGo to Take Legal Action Against Fireblocks claiming reputation loss

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Key Takeaways:

  • For releasing a false claim about a bug in BitGo’s Ethereum wallet signature mechanism, Fireblocks to face a lawsuit by BitGo.
  • BitGo stated that only 20 devs had access to the concerned wallet type, which was still preliminary access. 

A major flaw was allegedly found in BitGo’s Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) wallet type, which is used for multi-party computation, according to researchers at Fireblocks. (MPC). When it comes to offering custody and wallet services to institutional customers, BitGo and FireBlocks contend.

Threshold signature systems (TSS) let distributed parties create keys and sign deals in a multilateral fashion. Threshold signatures are used with cryptocurrencies to distribute the private key’s ownership across signing parties and do away with a singular point of failure. 

The digital asset trust company subsequently fixed the flaw, which could have resulted in secret shares or private key theft.

The BitGo smart contract bug was so serious that, if it were to be abused, it might jeopardize users’ access to their private keys, including those used by banks, businesses, exchanges, and other organizations.

BitGo, a custodian of digital assets, claimed that Fireblocks’ story was a publicity gimmick and violated a joint-disclosure agreement. It stated that only 20 coders had access to the particular wallet type, which was still in early access.

The business claimed that Fireblocks published results for an early version of the multiparty computation wallet that BitGo distributed to a select group of developers rather than a production version.

It condemned Fireblocks for getting in touch with news outlets, customers, and authorities about trying an early-release product on the Ethereum mainnet. Fireblocks misrepresented the preliminary version as a commercial version, according to BitGo. According to reports, they went against BitGo’s guidance and did this after using the wallet on the mainnet.

The published blog contains a long list of untrue statements that are meant to harm BitGo’s reputation as well as its current and prospective business relationships. BitGo is presently pursuing all available legal options, such as financial compensation, injunctive relief, court costs, and legal fees. 

This is not the first time that BitGo is in a legal pursuit against another company. Last year, BitGo Sued Galaxy Digital for $100M for Exiting the Merger 

Self-custodial accounts are once again gaining popularity as a means of lowering counterparty risks as a result of recent crypto exchange failures. Customers might no longer have access to their digital assets as a result of an exchange breach. Depending on how much the exchange contributed, it might be necessary for it to have enough money to compensate users.

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