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Bitcoin News: 24th September 2021

  • Twitter Updates Its Tips Feature To Include Bitcoin And Lightning network
  • The crypto market loses $100 billion in minutes as China pledges to crack down on crypto trade in the Middle East and North Africa. 
  •  BitOasis is the first company to be connected to the UAE’s GoAML platform.
  • Cardano Launches Cardano dAppStore for Certified DeFi Apps
  • While competitors in the United States face regulatory pressure, Nexo is eyeing an SEC broker dealer licence.
  • Scammers Hacked For A Few Minutes. They received 0.4 BTC from someone.

Twitter Added Feature To Include Bitcoin And Lightning Network

Bitcoinist reported today, Twitter, the social media behemoth, said today that it will begin rolling out a Bitcoin tipping function to iOS smartphones this week, followed by Android devices “in the following weeks.”

Users will be able to tip their favorite content providers, analysts, traders, influencers, and more using the new tool. It’s also another example of how, due to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin is fast acquiring global recognition.

Twitter announced the news today in an official corporate blog post, explaining that users frequently include links in their biographies so that their followers may support them. Twitter now has this built-in direction.

The integration is a collaboration between Twitter and Jack Mallers’ Strike lightning wallet. The strike has introduced its Strike API platform to “service marketplace and merchant enterprises” like Twitter as part of the Twitter Tips launch.

In addition to Bitcoin, the social media behemoth has welcomed PicPay and GoFundMe from Brazil, joining the likes of Venmo, CashApp, Bandcamp, Patreon, and others.

Wanna know how to use Twitter Tips? Head to our guide here.

Twitter Bitcoin Tips
Twitter Bitcoin Tips

Bitcoin drops, After China calls it ‘Illegal’

China’s central bank has launched a fresh wave of cryptocurrency crackdowns, prohibiting what it calls “illegal” digital currency operations.

According to Reuters, the bank has prohibited foreign exchange firms from offering their services via the internet in mainland China.

The People’s Bank of China said it would improve its monitoring skills in order to comply with the new requirements. The bank has also prohibited financial institutions and payment businesses from assisting bitcoin trade under the new restrictions.

Twitter Integrates Bitcoin And Lightning Network | Bitcoin News
China Calls Bitcoin illegal

Following the announcement, the bitcoin market lost all of its early Friday gains. By the time this article went to press, Bitcoin had corrected to $42,000, leading to a $100 billion drop in the cryptocurrency market valuation. The asset is now selling for $42,500, down nearly 4% in the last 24 hours.

BitOasis is the first company to be connected to the UAE’s GoAML platform

BitOasis, a MENA-focused crypto and bitcoin exchange located in Dubai, said today that it has become the UAE’s first virtual asset service provider to be integrated with the UAE Financial Intelligence Unit’s GoAML platform.

This partnership was initiated by the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism and Illegal Organizations (NAMLCFTC) and the UAE Financial Intelligence Unit (UAE FIU).

Twitter Integrates Bitcoin And Lightning Network | Bitcoin News

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has created GoAML, an anti-money laundering platform (UNODC). The platform was designed to assist financial intelligence units in gathering and analyzing regulatory data supplied by a limited number of reporting organizations.

Cardano Launches Cardano dAppStore

Cardano has announced the creation of a marketplace for approved decentralized apps.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, IOHK gave a sneak peek at its new “integrated approach” to the development of the Cardano ecosystem, which will be unveiled at Cardano Summit 2021. The Plutus dAppStore, a shop where developers can submit their decentralized applications running on Cardano and make them simpler to discover, is the focus of the announcement. The dAppStore, according to Shruti Appiah, Cardano’s head of product and smart contracts, removes two obstacles to entry.

Twitter Integrates Bitcoin And Lightning Network | Bitcoin News

The first is that there is no formal discovery mechanism for dApps operating on the network, and the second is that end-users do not have a consolidated picture of all dApps accessible in a specific ecosystem.

Cardano users will be able to browse the full ecosystem of dApps operating on the protocol through a single “storefront” or web page with the Plutus dAppStore. While the Plutus dAppStore’s official debut date has yet to be announced, it remains to be seen whether and when fully-fledged DeFi apps will be added to the store.

Nexo is eyeing an SEC broker dealer licence

In DeFi, there is never a boring moment. Nexo, an interest-yielding platform, is reportedly looking to buy an SEC-licensed broker-dealer in order to sell a “modified version” of the company’s products, according to reports. It’s unclear how this will affect their present product.

The move comes at a time when DeFi platforms appear to be hitting more bumps on the road.

Nexo is in negotiations with nationally chartered banks in addition to its search of a registered broker-dealer. According to reports, the platform is looking for a chartered bank partner to sell Nexo products, most likely in order to gain more traction with US regulators.

According to rumours, the platform is considering seeking for an exemption to allow it to sell securities to non-accredited investors. Nexo is a London-based platform, which may be a significant edge over competitors headquartered in the United States.

Nexo is likely to keep a close eye on how these scenarios develop in the coming months so that they may position themselves appropriately when stateside regulators begin to focus on non-U.S.-based interest-generating businesses operating in the states.


Scammers Hacked For A Few Minutes

For a few minutes today, hackers took over the website and showed the traditional double your money fraud. It appears to have been a DNS hack. Fortunately, the Bitcoin community was alerted, and Cobra, the owner of the pseudonymous website, as well as the firm that hosted the domain, were notified. was offline a few minutes later. Unfortunately, a trusting individual outpaced them and transferred 0.4 BTC to the scammer’s address.

The transaction was completed, but there’s a suspicion that it was done by the fraudsters themselves in order to make the operation appear legitimate. Like a busker who puts a few coins in his hat to urge others to chip in. That, however, is only a rumor. Someone might have been duped.

In any event, everyone else should be grateful to Matt Corallo, a Bitcoin Core contributor who took it upon himself to contact the domain name registrars and persuade them to temporarily shut down the site before something catastrophic occurred.

Twitter Integrates Bitcoin And Lightning Network | Bitcoin News

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