Bitcoin buying opportunity? BTC slides below $65k!

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Bitcoin, the OG crypto, has experienced a tumultuous week. The price has cooled down to below $65k after making a lifetime high of $74,000.

What is the next target for bitcoin? How far will Btc fall? Can I buy btc now? We will try to answer all that questions in the article.

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Bitcoin Next Target

Bitcoin’s price has seen a significant drop, sliding 6% to below $65,000. This decline comes ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s policy decision, which has left the market in anticipation.

Bitcoin Next Target

The zones of reversal are marked.

These zones are the support zones which could spark a upturn in momentum and head way for $80k level for bitcoin.

A good strategy would be to add small quantities at each reversal level and wait for the targets. The crypto bull run is not looking to stop anytime soon and this correction should be viewed as a buying opportunity.

Weekly Price Analysis

The past week has been challenging for Bitcoin, with its price tumbling from a record high near $74,000 last week. The market is now bracing for a potential correction that could see further declines.

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Currently the price is around $63k mark and the reversal mark is also around the same mark. The RSI has also come down meaning that bitcoin could be resuming it’s bullish journey.

News Roundup

Recent news affecting Bitcoin’s price includes:

  • Institutional trading volume on Coinbase rose 92% in Q4 of 2023, indicating growing interest from institutional investors.
  • BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust has amassed over 200,000 bitcoins, showcasing significant institutional support.
  • The crypto market is awaiting the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, which could impact Bitcoin’s price trajectory.
  • El Salvador’s President Unveils Secret Bitcoin ‘Piggy Bank’


Bitcoin’s current price analysis reflects the market’s sensitivity to macroeconomic factors and regulatory decisions. As investors and enthusiasts watch the Fed’s upcoming policy decision, the crypto market remains poised for potential shifts in Bitcoin’s valuation.

For on-demand analysis of any cryptocurrency, join our Telegram channel.

This article provides a snapshot of Bitcoin’s market status as of March 19, 2024. For continuous updates and more detailed analyses, investors are encouraged to follow coincodecap and perform their own research.

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Harsh Panghal
Harsh Panghal

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