Chetna Prakash

Chetna Prakash

Monox Hacked

MonoX Hacked for more than $31 Million

Follow us on Google News Key Takeaways In a DeFi hack, almost $31 million in various cryptocurrencies were taken from MonoX. MonoX is a decentralised exchange that provides liquidity pools where traders can deposit their tokens and get tokens in…

Michael Saylor Now Owns 1 Out Of Every 173 Bitcoins!

Michael Saylor now owns 1 out of every 173 bitcoins!

MicroStrategy, the business analytics software company founded by bitcoin bull Michael Saylor, has added to its cryptocurrency holdings by purchasing another $414 million. In a tweet today, Michael Slayer said,  “MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 7,002 bitcoins for ~$414.4 million in cash at…

Tornado Cash Is Ready To Combine With Arbitrum

Tornado Cash is Ready to Combine with Arbitrum

Follow us on Google News Key Takeaways: Tornado Cash is ready to combine with Arbitrum, Ethereum’s Layer 2 network. Tornado Cash users will execute Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper once the system is up and running. A famous Ethereum transaction…

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