Nowpayments Review

NOWPayments Review : A Non-custodial Crypto Payment Gateway

NOWPayments is a payment gateway that enables people all over the world to accept and make custody-free payments in cryptocurrency. Created by ChangeNOW in 2019, NOWPayments is aimed to develop a client-oriented crypto payment gateway. Pros and Cons Let’s point out the advantages and…

What Is Urbit

Urbit – A Personal Cloud Server

Urbit is a global filesystem namespace, where every directory is a Urbit server. It’s a combination of a programming language, OS, virtual machine, social network, and digital identity platform.
Blockchain Interoperability

Blockchain Interoperability

We analysed 330+ documents and obtained feedback from 30 people, to categorize the most relevant blockchain interoperability projects. We came up with three categories: Cryptocurrency-directed interoperability approaches, Blockchain Engines, and Blockchain Connectors.

Calculating Uniswap V2 Fees

Both Uniswap V1 and V2 have the same simple approach to fees. A flat 0.30% fee is applied to every trade, which is added to the Uniswap pair’s reserves. The way Uniswap processes fees is elegantly simple. Like everything else…

Proof Of Stake

Proof of Stake Explained

The consensus is the key to every blockchain. It is the consensus that enforces transaction ordering. Among many other responsibilities, the consensus also helps in promoting honest actors and punish bad actors in the network.  Bitcoin introduced Proof-of-Work(PoW) as it’s…

Ewasm - Ethereum Webassembly

Ewasm – Ethereum WebAssembly

Ewasm is set to make Ethereum as “the world’s computer” with better performances and efficiency. It will help scale Ethereum to a new level, which might not have been possible with EVM

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