‘AI-Powered’ Harvest Keeper Drains $1M of Users Funds

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Key takeaways:

  • Harvest Keeper, a project that intended to streamline trading procedures, guaranteed a 101% return on investment in just 21 days.
  • The group pulled off a rug draw and made off with about $1 million from customers. Users are attempting to draw attention to the incident and are hoping to receive their money back shortly.

The crew behind the Harvest Keeper dApp has stolen about $1 million from users’ money, proving it is a scam. The initiative advertised using AI to provide investors with high returns.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently become more well-liked due to ChatGPT v4’s demonstration of its powers. However, it has been claimed that a project known as an “AI-based” decentralized program conned its users out of almost $1 million.

There are rumblings that the AI-based dApp Harvest Keeper is a ruse. In a tweet, Certik claimed that the deal had fallen through and made off with almost $1 million. The businesses request that people avoid interacting with any of the project’s URLs.

The theft of user assets by Harvest Keeper, as of this writing, is estimated to have totaled about $933,000, according to CertiK. As reported by CertiK, users on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon networks have also lost about $219,000 due to icy phishing transactions. Users were admonished by the security company to cease using its website and to revoke any permissions they had granted the project.

Users are misled into physically accepting and authorizing permissions in an attack known as “ice phishing” in web 3. Users were also urged to revoke smart contract approvals by DeFi’s security division swiftly.

The rug pull is the latest scam to appear on the market, which continues to lose credibility due to such events. The cryptocurrency market has been somewhat taken over by AI mania, and numerous connected projects are developing quickly. Harvest Keeper was maximizing this.

A 4.81% return on all user deposits is promised by Harvest Keeper, which describes itself as an artificial intelligence project that optimizes trading practices to achieve an optimum payout. The platform advertises an 8% recommendation bonus and a 21-day return on investment guarantee of 101% on its website. 

Harvest Keeper specifically stated that customers could use a highly efficient automated trading method. In its marketing materials, the initiative positioned itself as a platform that could support users during volatile economic times.

The development has naturally incensed the crypto community, and some have turned to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao for assistance. Others have cautioned against clicking any links that Harvest Keeper allegedly claims will be helpful. The attacker’s name is still unknown due to a lack of evidence. However, given how recently the theft occurred, that could alter.

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