VLX Price Analysis January 2022

VLX is a token of platform Velas. Its current price is around $0.2529 by the time of writing, with a low of $0.03444 in 2021, and has a market cap of 570 million dollars.

Vlx Price Analysis January 2022
VLX Price Analysis January 2022

What is Velas?

Velas uses the best features from Ethereum and Solana to build a new hybrid chain, combining both security and scalability with high performance. It offers finality at 1.2 seconds per block, meagre fees, and EVM/Solidity compatibility. Farhad Shagulyamov founded it in 2019, powered by its native coin, VLX. Velas aims to be a highly scalable and customizable blockchain platform for all sorts of apps and services.

Velas has made the fastest EVM chain to rival Ethereum 2.0. Through the Velas Network, users can gain access to decentralized services. A security service can be delegated here, securing data by assigning segmentation algorithms and validators interested in data security.

What is VLX Crypto?

VLX is the coin of the Velas platform, which is around $0.2529 by the time of writing, with a low of $0.03444 in 2021. Its current ranking is #100 according to CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of 570 million dollars.

It reached a high of $0.572, with a low of $0.03444. VLX is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is designed to solve the problems of scalability and high transaction fees. VLX is based on the Scrypt algorithm and has a block time of 1.2 seconds.

VLX Coin Market Analysis 

VLX has a total supply of 2,252,862,338 coins worth around $0.2529 with a market volume of 11 million dollars, whereas the market capitalization is 570 million dollars at writing. 

VLX Price Prediction 2022

On the 4H timeframe, VLX Broke the triangle toward a bearish move and is now on previous resistance acting as support. It should now pump, but BTC will decide what alts will follow.

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Vlx Price Analysis January 2022
VLX Price Prediction 2022

VLX On-Chain Data

The present transactions count is less than half a million, which is approximately one-third of the average transactions the blockchain processes in a day. Moreover, with a decrease in the number of transactions, the gas cost goes down as well. Further, on the 18th, we observed only around 1.5M transactions, one of the lowest in a month, and this was just before the crash we saw recently.

Vlx On-Chain Data
VLX On-Chain Data

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