Republican Lawmaker Drafts New Crypto Bill to Stymie Another Canada Situation

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Key Takeaways:

  • Trudeau gets thrashed for his move against Canadian protestors.
  • A Republic Lawmaker has introduced a bill to avoid the reoccurrence of Trudeau’s move.

The Freedom Convoy, which started as a protest against vaccine mandate measures, has now become a messy affair. After getting their funds to freeze twice, the protestors turned to cryptocurrencies to collect funds. 

However, earlier last month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially marked these protests illegal and invoked the Emergencies Act. Naturally, this movement of Trudeau brought heavy criticisms to him.

The U.S. senator Ted Cruz commented, “There is a reason these petty authoritarians around the world hate bitcoin and crypto: They can’t control it”.

Supporting Cruz, Republican Tom Emmer said in an interview, “It’s the Communist Party of China’s strategy. It’s really just concerning that it’s come to the Western hemisphere.” “When your central government can control your movement, your speech, everything about your freedom? That’s not freedom. And this is really what’s at stake.”

Contrary to the statements, it was expected that pro-crypto American politicians would thank Trudeau to make them aware of the capability of the draconian systems. These systems can breach the security of crypto wallets. Even a Republican lawmaker has already presented a bill to save the U.S. government before another Trudeau-like interference happens.

A Human Rights personnel, Alex Gladstein, is advocating for funding the civil protest with the help of digital assets while acknowledging their potential to encourage criminal activities. 

Donal Trump, former U.S. President, marked Trudeau’s action against the Canadian protestors as “left-wing fascist” while attending a Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on February 26. 

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