Google Cloud has Announced the Formation of a Blockchain-Specific Team

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Key takeaways:

  • The formation of a new blockchain team has been announced by Google Cloud.
  • Google Cloud also stated that it is investigating the possibility of allowing customers to make and receive payments using cryptocurrencies.
  • Hedera, Theta Labs, and Dapper Labs are among its clients.

San Francisco: Google Cloud has announced the formation of a new Blockchain team to support companies in developing secure Blockchain-based infrastructure.

The Google Cloud Digital Assets Team will assist customers in building, transacting, storing value, and deploying new products on Blockchain-based platforms.

In a statement, Google Cloud said, “This new team will enable our customers to accelerate their efforts in this emerging space and help underpin the Blockchain ecosystems of tomorrow.”

Companies that use blockchain and distributed ledgers, such as Hedera, Theta Labs, and Dapper Labs, have already chosen to build on Google Cloud for scalability, flexibility, and security.

The Digital Assets Team will launch a number of short- and long-term initiatives to assist businesses in the digital assets/blockchain ecosystem.

It will also assist developers and users in hosting their nodes on the industry’s cleanest cloud, thereby supporting their environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

The company also revealed that it is looking into ways to enable Google Cloud customers to make and receive payments in cryptocurrencies in the future, as well as ensure that data, applications, games, or digital assets such as NFTs are delivered on a stable, secure, and trusted global network.

Google Cloud infrastructure ensures that developers can accelerate the delivery of software and data on the blockchain, providing users with quick access to applications.

The company also stated that it is looking into ways to allow Google Cloud customers to make and receive payments in cryptocurrencies.

Chetna Prakash
Chetna Prakash


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