GMT Crypto Price Prediction: What’s Next for GMT ?

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GMT, the native token of the STEPN platform, has garnered significant attention in the crypto market.

This article provides an analysis of its current market performance and recent developments.

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GMT Crypto Price Prediction

  • Market Price: $0.196
  • 24-Hour Trading Volume: $24.55 million
  • Market Cap: $1.05 billion (fully diluted)
  • Total Supply: 6 billion GMT
  • Circulating Supply: 2.11 billion GMT
Gmt Crypto Price Prediction

The price is getting rejected from the resistance trendline. Currently, it is trading above the horizontal support zone. We have to wait for further price developments.

Weekly Analysis

Over the past week, GMT has experienced a decline of 17.02%. The token’s monthly performance shows a minor decrease of 3.04%, indicating some volatility but also a stabilization trend over the longer term.

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News Roundup

  1. Token Unlock Event:
    STEPN recently unlocked 79.2 million GMT tokens, a significant move that has the potential to impact market dynamics. This unlock could lead to increased volatility as a large number of tokens enter the market. Out of these, 55.3 million GMT were distributed to 45 unique addresses in a rapid transaction process, reflecting a strategic distribution aimed at maintaining market stability.
  2. Potential Price Rally:
    Market analysts have identified technical indicators suggesting a potential rally for GMT. Despite current resistances, the token shows signs of breaking out, with predictions indicating a possible rise to $0.793. This would represent a substantial gain and offers an optimistic outlook for investors.
  3. Ecosystem Developments:
    The STEPN platform continues to expand, integrating new functionalities such as augmented reality (AR) and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. These developments are expected to drive further adoption and increase the utility of GMT, contributing to its long-term value proposition.


GMT remains a noteworthy cryptocurrency within the AI and blockchain integration landscape. Its recent performance and strategic developments suggest potential for future growth, although investors should remain aware of market volatility and perform due diligence. The upcoming months will be crucial in determining whether GMT can sustain its momentum and achieve predicted price targets.

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Harsh Panghal

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