Crypto Exchange Gemini reportedly experienced a data breach

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Key takeaways:

  • Some Gemini users have lately been the victim of phishing attempts, which are believed to be the result of an event at a third-party vendor.
  • The disclosed database did not contain names, addresses, or other delicate personal information like KYC.

Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, may have experienced a data breach that exposed 5.7 million emails, according to media sources. 

Hackers had access to 5,701,649 lines of data, including consumer account numbers, email addresses, and partial phone numbers, according to papers retrieved.

Cointelegraph was the first to report on the contentious developments. The crypto media outlet asserts that customer information on Gemini has been hijacked, citing the papers it was able to acquire. According to the article, the leak contained 5.7 million emails, account numbers, and incomplete phone numbers.

Crypto Exchange Gemini Reportedly Experienced A Data Breach

In reaction to the incident, Gemini stated in an official blog that they were aware that some of their clients had lately fallen victim to phishing attacks.

The company assumes that a third-party vendor issue led to the leaks. Due to this issue, Gemini customers’ email addresses and partial phone numbers were gathered.

This third-party event had no influence on any Gemini account information or systems, and all funds and customer accounts are still intact.

On or around December 13, according to one of the exchange’s databases, there was a compromise towards client data. Names, social security numbers, addresses, and other private information used for KYC are not among the confidential documents exposed in the compromised database. Additionally, it asserts that fewer consumers than the total number of rows of exposed data suggest that they may have been impacted.

The number of clients impacted is probably less than the total number of rows of data because some emails were duplicated in the document. There are presently 13 million users of Gemini.

December did not prove to be a good month for the exchange.  Recently, the Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange Gemini’s customers demanded $900 million from the cryptocurrency broker Genesis and its parent business Digital Currency Group (DCG).

According to sources with knowledge of the matter, Gemini was attempting to recoup the funds from Genesis and the parent firm of the business, Digital Currency Group (DCG).

Users have been warned by Gemini not to utilise secure authentication techniques in place of email address privacy. Users can, however, reset the email address linked to their Gemini account by following the instructions provided in the official blog post.

The data leak at Gemini occurs while the cryptocurrency market is still reeling from the fallout from the FTX implosion and a Binance FUD.

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