Ethereum Proof of Stake Merge Goes Live on Ropsten Testnet 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Ropsten testnet, Ethereum’s oldest, finished the long-awaited “Merge” with the Beacon chain on Wednesday.
  • The update brings Ethereum closer to implementing the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.
  • Just as Ropsten did during its test upgrade today, the real merge will convert Ethereum to proof of stake. Those who contribute to the network, or “stake,” validate transactions using proof of stake instead.
  • As a result, the amount of energy used on Ethereum would be reduced dramatically.

Ropsten, Ethereum’s oldest testnet, was able to undertake “The Merge” on a legendary day in the network’s history. The testnet now includes blocks and is operational, as per core developer Tim Beiko. This is a significant step forward in ETH’s transition to a Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Although it might take some time for devs to evaluate how it went, this is a noteworthy test in front of the real Ethereum “merge” update, which is set to happen this summer and is expected to make the chain more environmentally sustainable and effective.

The testnet is the same as Ethereum’s mainnet, but it does not involve any real money.

Ethereum currently uses a proof-of-work model, in which miners compete to solve complex puzzles to validate transactions. This necessitates a significant amount of computer processing power and energy. The real merge will convert Ethereum to proof of stake, just as Ropsten did during its test upgrade today. All who contribute, or “stake,” to the network instead validate transactions in proof of stake. The quantity of energy used on Ethereum would be drastically reduced as a result of this.

On May 18th, Ethereum core developer Terence Tsao declared that Ropsten’s beacon chain layout had been merged. Client releases started on May 30th, with the entire testnet transition set to take place today.

On June 2nd, the Bellatrix update was officially deployed as the final upgrade required before the full Ropsten merge.

Ropsten’s proof of work chain had reached a terminal total difficulty of more than 50 quadrillion by 16:09 UST on Wednesday, and he had quit importing blocks on that chain segment.

Ryan Bozarth, the Head of Custody at crypto exchange Coinbase, seriously thinks that the milestones on testnet Ropsten are bringing Ethereum closer to a PoS consensus. According to his calculations, “The Merge” could be released on the mainnet as early as August 2022.

“We’re hoping it will serve as a good example of how far we’ve come.” If everything goes well, it basically means that the merge will be able to happen on mainnet in a few weeks,” Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin said.

Owing to the engaging and interactive  nature of the community, Netizens never shy away from sharing their piece of mind, PastryETH explained how the Ropsten testnet is able to complete “The Merge.” Last week, this testnet initiated its own version of the Beacon Chain to serve as the consensus layer, as per this user.

The “merge-compatible protocol rules” executed by the “Bellatrix” update were later adopted by the testnet. The testnet had to cross the Terminal Total Difficulty value after these steps were completed. 

@PastryEth agrees that The Merge is by far the most complicated and undoubtedly one of the most significant events in Ethereum’s history.

After years of testing, development, and delays, we’re finally approaching the final stages of the process.

Tests are crucial in the run-up to Ethereum’s main network merge, according to developers. The real merge has a lot riding on it, with a lot of money on the line, because Ethereum is undoubtedly the most commonly used blockchain, and its ecosystem is heavily reliant on it.

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